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5 Easy Ways to Market Your Video

Video marketing tips 2017 fresh ink blog.


Do you remember five years ago when everyone was predicting video was going to be the next new frontier in marketing?  Game of Thrones had just released its first season, the Oprah Winfrey show ended after a 25 year run, and we were all Party Rockin along with LMFAO.  

Fast forwarding to 2017, all the predictions for video were spot on!  Video has become the most efficient tool you can utilize for your brand.  Not only does every potential consumer walk around with a tiny TV in their pocket, but the demand for entertaining visual content to be ready and available when your customer desires it, could not be more prevalent.  

With 400 hours of video being uploaded every minute, it is increasingly easy to get lost in the sea of content.  Our team here at Fresh Ink has performed the research most valuable for your brand, enabling you to stand out in the crowd.  We compiled a list of five place you can post your video to elevate the sophistication of your video campaigns.  Here they are:

Did you know?

That including a video on a landing page  

can increase conversion rates by 80%*



This one should be common place, however you’ll be surprised how many websites aren’t posting videos. Consumers’ desire to be both informed and entertained can be fulfilled by placing your branded video on your landing page.  What’s more, including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%! So if a consumer has taken the initiative to visit your website, be sure to engage them to stay, to learn more, and become a consumer.  


According to Google, YouTube has become the mainstay of knowledge and entertainment, raking in more than 1 billion hours of videos watched every day, worldwide.  With one third of all online activity spend watching videos, YouTube ranks at the second most biggest outlet for on demand video content.  While traditional public broadcasting stations are currently in the lead, YouTube is predicted to upset the long held entertainment champion within the next five years.  With this information, posting your branded video content on YouTube is an absolute must.


Did you know?

92% of mobile video consumers share with others*



The social sharing component of video is undeniably powerful.  Just think, when was the last time you heard this phrase: “You’ve got to watch this!”   I bet a pretty penny it was within the last few days.  Video’s positioned on social platform provides its users with the ability to connect, share, learn and enjoy.  This realization was so powerful it moved the creators of Instagram to extend the video watching time frame from 15 second to 60 seconds, a full 4 times longer than before.

Our tips for utilizing social media to promote your video include three key points. The first is to engage your audience by regularly posting relevant and intriguing content.  Secondly, use the social media platforms your consumers frequently visit.  Meet your consumers on their level and engage with them as a friend might.  Lastly,  build an social media presence by striving to obtain more followers therefore extending your brand’s impact.  With stellar video content accompanying this social media strategy, you can tackle social media marketing.  


The email signature block is a heavily trafficked but underutilized bit of advertising real estate.  Always placed at the end of an email, it is the metaphorical cherry atop your conversational sundae.  By placing a call to action with link to your video underneath your title and contact details, you provide your correspondence the opportunity the ease to view your video.   


Did you know?

Videos in a email leads to 200-300% increase

in click through rates*



Utilizing videos in an email is an excellent way to engage with consumers in an heavily frequented, virtual buying environment.  Video embedded emails detailing new product information or sharing trending deals, means increasing the number of consumers who click your links to find additional information.  Since video’s embedded in emails increase click through rates by 200-300%, investing in email marketing make immense sound marketing and financial sense.


Additionally, emails allow your brand to engage customers on their level of awareness.  For example, emails created to be seen by potential customers should not be the same as emails created for existing customers.  Since each audience requires different information, creating specialized email lists allow your brand to connect with consumers on their time and in a personalized manner.

FRESH INK TIP: When creating an email, test its readability on a mobile device prior to sending.  Since 44% of smartphone users make buying choices through the mobile devices, it’s extremely important your email translates well onto smaller devices.  


Do your brand a solid favor and jump into video marketing now!  Video marketing is the best way to make your company a memorable staple.  Our staff at Fresh Ink are experts in marketing your videos to ensure you’re a lasting success.  Contact us now to learn more about what we can do for you.  Click here for a free quote!