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Make our team your team.

We’re a full-service marketing

dedicated to
getting you results.

If you just need our video expertise, we’re happy to partner with
you on those projects. If you need more capabilities, we’d love to
be your complete marketing partner. Either way, we understand
your industry and know your audience.

We believe in

the power of video.

After all, we see it succeed every day. So we created a video that introduces us in a fun, memorable way. Watch, enjoy, hold your applause until the end.

Meet the team.



Ideas move me to excitement. I breathe them in and build them out with a dedicated team of expert creators. We are like-minded in our quest to help build your brand to its fullest potential through innovative video solutions.


Account Director


camera man

Architecture, music that stirs a feeling in my gut and color all inspire me. Over the years, I have learned to begin with the end in mind, set goals no matter how colossal and create, create, create. It’s the only way to perfect your craft. Oh, and my favorite movie is Jurassic Park… duh.


editing machine

I love crafting stories that captivate and surprise people. I’m always hunting for the authenticity in a narrative. It’s my favorite part of storytelling. When someone’s first reaction is to tell me how a piece makes them feel, I know I’ve found the heart of the story.


video editor

I love puzzles and there’s nothing more puzzling than a hard drive full of footage. It’s so satisfying putting all the pieces in place to convey a message and make each video shine.


graphic design goddess

I’m involved in all sorts of creative shenanigans, but design for print and web is my forte. Give me your tired, your poorly kerned, your website from 1995 yearning to breathe free… and let me make it pretty!


wordsmith & ideator

I enjoy writing anything. Literally. Whether it’s a stage play about rednecks searching for pieces of the space shuttle, grocery lists organized by aisle (yes, I’m German) or a client’s story told through stunning video. Each is an exciting new challenge.


numbers girl

I’m very happy to be part of this creative team, being an accountant and all. My job is to keep the numbers reconciled and debits and credits balanced so the creatives can focus on you, our client!

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