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Achieve Social Media Success

Is your company utilizing social media? Launching a digital marketing campaign across various social media platforms can be a great way to give your brand and it’s products or services broad exposure. In order to help you achieve maximum success and an increased ROI, the Fresh Ink team has broken down the steps necessary to win at social media marketing.

Strategize to Maximize Success

Your content is key for having a successful social media campaign. To have successful content, however, you need to develop a strategy that caters to your audience. Before creating your content, consider who it is that your content is designed for. What does your audience care about? What questions are they asking and where are they? The end goal is to build up a strong community of the right people engaging with the right content. While this is where you hope to finish, be sure to start thinking about it now.

Spread Out

When first starting out on a social media campaign, your initial goal is just to get eyeballs. Cast a wide net in order to catch a lot of fish! If you haven’t already, create several social media accounts for your brand. At Fresh Ink, we primarily focus in on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube, but depending on your company, Twitter and Instagram could be appropriate to have as well. In addition to having an account for the company, utilizing personal accounts can greatly help to broaden your reach. If the creator, founder, or president of your brand or company has his or her own social media accounts, you should be using those as well! Use both your brand and your name to draw in consumers. Having all of these various accounts will ensure that you reach the largest audience possible, which is especially important when starting off. Whether or not you’re new, you’ve got to get your name out and build up an interested audience and, eventually, a clientele.

Mobile is a Must

Now that you have your various socials setup, it’s time to think about content creation. When it comes to designing and creating the content for your social accounts, it is absolutely crucial to think with a mobile-first mentality. Keep your writing short and to the point, delivering your key message right away. Photos should be clear and eye-catching, keeping in the mind the small screen sizes. This idea of a mobile-first mentality is so important that we have a whole blog post dedicated to it. Check it out for even more tips and tricks for succeeding on a mobile-platform.

Schedule it Out

To ensure success throughout the entirety of your social media campaign, it’s crucial that you enter into it prepared. Stay organized and have a plan. Here at Fresh Ink, we create an editorial calendar for all projects. Essentially, it’s one place in which we can not only find the planned content, but we can also see on which days it will be posted, at what times, and to which social accounts. Creating this one-stop-shop ensures that we have a consistent and content heavy campaign, no matter the amount of weeks or even months that it runs its course. Putting in the extra work up front is sure to produce success down the road.

Track Your Results

While following the steps above will certainly set you on the right path, it won’t necessarily guarantee success. A key component to any social media campaign is tracking your results. Tracking the results and viewing the analytics of your campaign will allow you to evaluate your strengths and weakness. You can learn and improve from your shortcomings and continue taking steps that are leading to more successful engagement with consumers. To do so, we recommend utilizing UTM codes to track all of your social posts. New to UTM codes, or not even sure what they are? Head on over to this blog post to learn more!

Plan for Success

Overall, being prepared and having a plan makes the world of a difference. As mentioned previously, having your content ready and scheduled out far in advance will really ensure a smooth and efficient campaign from start to finish. Moreover, just taking the time to carefully craft the content, especially for an ever-growing mobile audience, will really set you up to engage a larger number of consumers. In the end, we’ve learned time and time again that more often than not, planning for success will help you to achieve success.


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