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Brand Marketing: Building Your Brand Through Video

The whole idea behind brand marketing is to build your brand, right? And when building your brand, the content you yield is most important (as we discussed in our Sales Funnel post). However, one big mistake many companies make is limiting their content to text or print. WAH, WAH, WAH.

“Research shows that 59% of consumers prefer to watch a video than read content” (Papagni). And, what’s more, “54% of senior marketing executives say that they use online video” (Greenberg). brand marketingSo, what should this tell you about brand marketing content? People are more engaged and your content is more effectively dispersed through the use of video.

Video has truly changed the world of advertising. Anyone can attest to this statement—companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike and many more have built their brands through captivating video. Using video in addition to your company’s website, blog, print ads, etc. to boost revenue and make more people aware of your brand is vital in today’s market.

However, there are specific ways to go about using video to bring awareness to your brand. First and foremost, be consistent. Your video should match the branding of all other brand marketing strategies. You want your video content to coincide with the culture of your company and the look and feel of your brand. The idea here is that consistency provides consumers with the notion that they can trust you right off the bat. By keeping all branding strategies in line with one another, you will not disappoint. AND, this also allows for an organic experience.

Consistency can also relate to the length of video. Keep all similar videos the same length. This allows the viewer to watch multiple thirty-second videos (say a how-to or Q&A), simply because they are short and interesting. Once your consumer is hooked, they may further explore your longer, more detailed videos.

Along with consistency comes quality. The Forbes Report states, “viewing preferences are increasingly based on the quality of the content and ease of access” (Greenberg). A quality video, in terms of content and aesthetics, will resonate much more than content that is poorly produced. So, capture your audience. Answers questions they may have, be professional, but show your company’s personality, and most importantly evoke a reaction.

Bring in a powerful message or statement to your video content. This is always a favorite. By giving a powerful message, through video, that correlates with your brand, you not only evoke emotion from your audience, but you guide them toward the why factor. Why should they buy into your brand? Why should they purchase your products or use your services? And BOOM you are building brand awareness through engaging video!

As important as it is to build your brand through video, you have to also optimize the way you showcase your videos. More info on video SEO to come.

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