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Mastering YouTube: Learn From Top Creators

With tens of millions of subscribers and billions of views, how do the top YouTube creators do it? Read on to learn some of the insider tips and tricks on how to succeed, and ultimately make money, on YouTube.   Find a Niche within a

Data or Creativity? Try Both!

Are data and creativity at odds? One might think so, given the often dry and boring content that exists in which data is heavily incorporated. However, with emerging technologies, fresh thinkers, and new ways of absorbing content, the two have found harmony with one another.

YouTube’s Takeover

YouTube is a TV entertainment experience that you can take anywhere, whether in your pocket or cast onto the big screen. When it comes to this entertainment, today’s consumers expect convenience, flexibility, and a personally tailored experience. Traditional TV and its limitations are allowing YouTube

Land a Sale with Landing Pages

Are you familiar with landing pages? Perhaps you’ve heard of them, but never ventured into creating one yourself. Here at Fresh Ink, we utilize landing pages for many of our clients, whether it be for advertising a sale, creating awareness for a product or service,

They’re Called Influencers For A Reason

Is your brand collaborating with influencers? Many YouTube creators and Instagram influencers already have massive and passionate audiences in the millions. Therefore, they are an already established platform for your brand to advertise on, and it’s guaranteed to stir up excitement among their dedicated followers.

Marketing – It’s Not About You

To be successful in today’s marketing landscape, you can’t be solely focused on yourself, your company, and your own goals. Rather, there’s great importance in focusing your energy and attention on the consumer and his or her needs. Doing so will set your campaign up

Improve Your Video Ads

Not impressed with the results of your video ads? The Fresh Ink Team is here to share some tips and tricks for making the most of those few seconds, ensuring you produce increased ROI. Read on to learn more! Make It Fast When it comes

More Is More

Video is popular – we all know that. But are you aware of just how powerful it can be? Studies show that the use of video in your digital marketing campaigns can dramatically increase ROI. Read on to learn more about the powerful impact video

Tell Your Story With Instagram

Is your company expanding it’s digital marketing campaign to platforms like Instagram? With over 800 million users, Instagram is growing more and more by the minute, so you’d be crazy not to consider it. The Fresh Ink Team has recently expanded our digital marketing efforts

Mobile Usage

Still not thinking mobile-first when it comes to your digital marketing campaign? Perhaps you’re still struggling to see the power that mobile has on the marketplace. Maybe you don’t rely on mobile experiences very much? The Fresh Ink team is here to once again stress

Today’s B2B Marketplace

Are you keeping up with the times? In an ever-changing, more digital focused landscape, business-to-business relationships are drastically evolving. With less emphasis on in-person interactions, more negotiations are being made through digital avenues. The same can certainly be said from a consumer standpoint, which is

It’s All About The Journey

Do you know your customers well enough? Not personally, but in terms of understanding their wants, desires, expectations, etc.? Many are unaware, and as a result, their marketing campaigns suffer. Knowing and understanding your consumers and the digital journeys they take, from discovery to purchase,

Master Email Marketing

Wanting to directly reach clients or potential prospects? Looking to deliver content right to their doorstep? Try email marketing! Launching an email marketing campaign using tools like MailChimp can be a tremendous way to directly reach a highly specific audience. So if you’re looking to

Marketing for the Future

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving. With the seemingly never-ending introduction of new technologies, the ways in which audiences consume information never remains static. Keeping up to date with current market trends and audience behaviors is key to ensuring success amongst the

Maximize Through Measurement

What’s the one thing everyone is looking to do through marketing campaigns? Maximize ROI! Of course the same is desired when launching a digital marketing strategy through YouTube. However, launching a campaign and uploading content, even at a consistent level of high quality, isn’t enough

YouTube – It’s More Than Just a Video

Is your company utilizing YouTube to launch digital marketing campaigns? Or maybe you’re working on launching a YouTube page for a client? If so, knowing and understanding the ins and outs of YouTube is critical. Some may believe that gaining a following on YouTube is

Mobile is Mandatory

When creating content for a digital marketing campaign, chances are you’re designing on a large, desktop screen. Of course this format is preferred for creating, but it certainly isn’t where consumers are tuned into most. The one thing in everyone’s hand or in everyone’s pocket

Top 3 Ways to Make a Company Video Even Better

A company profile video is a short synopsis of who your company is, what you do, and the features or benefits you offer. Rather than highlighting one single product you offer, this type of video addresses your brand’s value proposition as a whole. In a

How To Create YouTube End Screens for Your Videos

  YouTube just released an exciting new tool called End Screens. This Youtube tool will make your videos look more professional, and keep viewers watching. They are YouTube’s answer to the question, “Why don’t my annotations work on mobile?” And YouTube’s response to the fact


What is the ROI of Video for Your Company?

  What is the ROI (return on investment) on video marketing campaigns? We’re frequently asked this question by clients when they start their video marketing campaign. They want to know what the direct monetary results will be from their digital marketing efforts. Typically, there’s a