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Video Analytics

Maximize Through Measurement

What’s the one thing everyone is looking to do through marketing campaigns? Maximize ROI! Of course the same is desired when launching a digital marketing strategy through YouTube. However, launching a campaign and uploading content, even at a consistent level of high quality, isn’t enough

Track Results to Get Results

  The Power of UTM Codes     Are you struggling to determine the results of your digital marketing campaigns? Wanting to track your ROI using social media? Here at Fresh Ink, we know the importance of tracking and studying these results, as they influence

The Differences Between Optimization and Marketing.

The Difference Between Video Marketing and Video Optimization

Here at Fresh Ink, we do several things very well.  We specialize in the production, optimization, and marketing of beautiful videos.  The production aspect of our work is pretty simple to understand.  It involves some extensive camera equipment, expert videographers and the keen eye of

Are You Winning the YouTube Game?

   If your business is not utilizing YouTube video production to promote your brand, you are doing marketing all wrong. Being a video production business you might think us a little biased, however we have pretty big industry players who agree with us.  Google crunched

How To Use the YouTube Audience Retention Tool

  A tool is only useful when used correctly. We took a look at a tool provided by Youtube to help you improve your videos. Our current analytics obsession at Fresh Ink Marketing is YouTube’s audience retention tool. The tool provides statistics down to the

YouTube Science

At Fresh Ink, we like to stay ahead of the curve of video marketing with YouTube science. We are constantly researching the latest industry trends to find new, innovative ways to market video content. An integral part of our strategy is YouTube science and optimization. You may

Top 5 YouTube Analytics to Boost Your ROI

Taking advantage of YouTube analytics can have a hugely positive impact on your ROI and can lead to increases in your conversions and sales. The trick is simply to know what to look for. Don’t be daunted by the thought of unwieldy graphs and numbers.


Your Video Marketing Budget – How to Maximize Your ROI

Allocating money when putting together your marketing budget for the year can be tough – how do you determine what budget will cultivate the right video content mix for your viewers and increase sales? As web video is exploding –in view time, influence, reach –

Mobile Marketing

Mobile has changed everything from the way that we interact with one another to the way that we connect with the web.   Our devices are often the first thing that we reach for in the morning and the last things we put down at

Let’s Get Down to SEO Analytics

Analytics, analytics, analytics…BORING. Wrong! SEO analytics are actually an amazing way to track the success of the videos you worked so hard to produce! There are several ways to measure the analytics of a video. Let’s break it down, shall we? When producing a video,