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Video Marketing

Spend Less. Gain More.

In today’s evolving marketing landscape, it can be tough to keep up with the ever-growing technologies and platforms in which content is displayed. It’s tough on the mind and on the wallet. Often, we digital marketers feel it’s necessary to create separate campaigns geared towards

Help Your Audience Take Action

For those of us in the digital media marketing world, a YouTube video is much more than a mere piece of entertainment. Rather, each video we create and promote has a greater purpose – to create conversion. We don’t want audiences to passively absorb our

Achieve Social Media Success

Is your company utilizing social media? Launching a digital marketing campaign across various social media platforms can be a great way to give your brand and it’s products or services broad exposure. In order to help you achieve maximum success and an increased ROI, the

Take Advantage of YouTube Analytics

Struggling to achieve success through a YouTube marketing campaign? Likely, this is due to the fact that you’re not taking advantage of all the tools at your disposal.  Many will carry out a YouTube campaign without even referencing their analytics. YouTube Analytics, built right into

Marketing for the Future

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving. With the seemingly never-ending introduction of new technologies, the ways in which audiences consume information never remains static. Keeping up to date with current market trends and audience behaviors is key to ensuring success amongst the

What Content Should I Create?

What makes your content stand out? Why should someone stop to watch your video when over 400 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute? Thinking deeply about the type and quality of content that you create before launching a digital marketing campaign is

Maximize Through Measurement

What’s the one thing everyone is looking to do through marketing campaigns? Maximize ROI! Of course the same is desired when launching a digital marketing strategy through YouTube. However, launching a campaign and uploading content, even at a consistent level of high quality, isn’t enough

Blaze Video Marketing Case Study

Blaze Equipment needed to create an online presence to compete with other brands in their industry. With no existing marketing structure in place, it was Fresh Ink’s goal to develop an integrated marketing strategy that included a new website and digital marketing through search engine

Top 3 Tips to Win with Facebook Marketing

Top 3 Tips to Win Facebook Marketing

  Facebook is a critical frontier in the world of marketing.  According to Hubspot, 80% of US social network users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook. These connections turn thousand of followers into loyal customers.  Since 77% of B2C consumers and 43% of B2B

How To Write YouTube Descriptions To Drive Web Traffic

Want to drive traffic from YouTube? When crafting YouTube content, most creators automatically assume that their video is the only aspect of uploading that they need to pay attention to. They focus so strongly on creating their video content that they neglect the steps of

Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing

Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing

  To have successful YouTube Marketing campaigns, you must stay abreast with not only YouTube’s best practices, but also with the latest YouTube trends.  In this blog, we will address how you can achieve the specific goals set for your YouTube video and the most

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5 Easy Ways to Market Your Video

  Do you remember five years ago when everyone was predicting video was going to be the next new frontier in marketing?  Game of Thrones had just released its first season, the Oprah Winfrey show ended after a 25 year run, and we were all

3 Things to Do Now You Have a Video

  So you’ve created a video for your company.  Hooray!!.. Now what?  Equipped with your video, you and your brand stand poised to enter into a pool of advertising possibilities.  The only thing separating you from taking the plunge into the very exciting world of

The Differences Between Optimization and Marketing.

The Difference Between Video Marketing and Video Optimization

Here at Fresh Ink, we do several things very well.  We specialize in the production, optimization, and marketing of beautiful videos.  The production aspect of our work is pretty simple to understand.  It involves some extensive camera equipment, expert videographers and the keen eye of

How to Win the YouTube Game

How to Win the YouTube Game

A successful video campaign encompasses more than the creation of beautiful cinema.  While the cinematic featurette might be the visual star of the show, there is an immense amount of forethought and planning which must be performed prior to the producer calling ‘action.’   It’s this

Are You Winning the YouTube Game?

   If your business is not utilizing YouTube video production to promote your brand, you are doing marketing all wrong. Being a video production business you might think us a little biased, however we have pretty big industry players who agree with us.  Google crunched

Construction Industry How-To Videos Increase Sales

  ‘How-To’ videos can help your brand become a thought leader in the construction industry. We shot this video about “How To Install Fiber Cement Siding” and received over 5,000 organic views!  Additionally, organic searches actively engaged Allura, commenting on the video’s helpfulness and asking additional questions.

Upload Videos to YouTube for Maximum Views

  YouTube keeps its rankings playbook off the record. The platform gives us some hints on what makes some videos rank higher than others, but it’s usually up to experts like Fresh Ink Marketing to crack the code with research and testing. We’ve found that

How To Create YouTube End Screens for Your Videos

  YouTube just released an exciting new tool called End Screens. This Youtube tool will make your videos look more professional, and keep viewers watching. They are YouTube’s answer to the question, “Why don’t my annotations work on mobile?” And YouTube’s response to the fact


How To Use Playlists on YouTube

  Now that you have a few marketing videos in your repertoire, it’s time to display them in a way that maximizes their visibility and your investment. The best way to do this is to create YouTube playlists for your videos. YouTube playlists do 5


What is the ROI of Video for Your Company?

  What is the ROI (return on investment) on video marketing campaigns? We’re frequently asked this question by clients when they start their video marketing campaign. They want to know what the direct monetary results will be from their digital marketing efforts. Typically, there’s a

How To Use the YouTube Audience Retention Tool

  A tool is only useful when used correctly. We took a look at a tool provided by Youtube to help you improve your videos. Our current analytics obsession at Fresh Ink Marketing is YouTube’s audience retention tool. The tool provides statistics down to the


How To Write YouTube Titles

When it comes to creating successful YouTube content, nothing is accidental. To maximize the success of your videos, you should optimize the body of your videos’ titles, descriptions, and keywords. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, coming in only behind Google, its


Storytelling in Marketing

People love stories. They are hard-wired into us from our childhoods. They are the way that we relate memories, history, and experiences to each other. They are the best way we have of expressing complex, captivating ideas to one another while creating memorable and impactful

YouTube Science

At Fresh Ink, we like to stay ahead of the curve of video marketing with YouTube science. We are constantly researching the latest industry trends to find new, innovative ways to market video content. An integral part of our strategy is YouTube science and optimization. You may


Why Typography is Important

Have you even been at the store and debated between two brands for the same product? You held the product, compared ingredients, and then, ultimately judged the product by the look. That, in short, shows the power of strategic typography and design as a branding


Using White Space in Design

At Fresh Ink, we’re in love with design. The way that you visually brand yourself can sometimes communicate your brand identity better than words can. It’s with this in mind that we say: Don’t be afraid of white space! When many companies design their logos


Why Design Matters…

Think about your favorite movie quote or speech. What drew you to it? The words certainly played a part, but more likely it was the emotion, the context that really pulled you in and made you listen. Here at Fresh Ink, we think of design


What is Branding?

In the marketing world, the word “brand” is thrown around a lot. It’s used so much that it almost loses its meaning. Due to this, we thought we’d discuss what branding truly is and why should you be paying attention to it. Many people think

Top 3 Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Thumbnails

Every day, hundreds of millions of hours of content are watched on YouTube. The question is now how to make your video stand out from the noise and convert the viewer to watch and engage with your video. We’ve created this blog post to outline