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Video Marketing

Facebook vs. YouTube: The Video Marketing Battle

Over the past year, Facebook has become a serious contender against YouTube as a video marketing platform. In August 2014, Facebook overtook YouTube in total number of video views on desktop. It has added new video functionality features, including a Videos tab and the ability

Top 5 YouTube Analytics to Boost Your ROI

Taking advantage of YouTube analytics can have a hugely positive impact on your ROI and can lead to increases in your conversions and sales. The trick is simply to know what to look for. Don’t be daunted by the thought of unwieldy graphs and numbers.


Your Video Marketing Budget – How to Maximize Your ROI

Allocating money when putting together your marketing budget for the year can be tough – how do you determine what budget will cultivate the right video content mix for your viewers and increase sales? As web video is exploding –in view time, influence, reach –

Mobile Marketing

Mobile has changed everything from the way that we interact with one another to the way that we connect with the web.   Our devices are often the first thing that we reach for in the morning and the last things we put down at


Micro-Moments: Marketing In the Now

Imagine that it’s a lazy Sunday evening and you are standing in your kitchen, deciding what to make for dinner. If you want to make a new recipe, what are you most likely to do? The first response of many people is to pull out

Matching your Content Mix to your Video Marketing Goal

Making YouTube work for you might be your company’s end goal but as a company this will take more than just creating authentic content. In fact, your goal for YouTube might currently be to increase your viewership and get your company’s name exposure through brand storytelling, but if

Taking your Keyword Strategy to the Next Level

By now you’ve probably heard of the almighty keyword, it certainly seems like everything internet based runs off of a keyword algorithm these days and you’d be right in thinking so. Facebook’s new trending system can track the variations of keywords you use in your

Capitalizing CTA’s for Video Marketing

Well, 2015 is nearly half over and it’s looking like, in the U.S. alone, that we will have over 200 MILLION regular viewers of digital video. On top of that, 61% of young executives have said that they will continue to rely more heavily on

Narrowcasting: Audience Development

Gripping content has become crucial to marketing in the digital realm. It’s all about who has the most entertaining, emotional, humorous or creative content—right? Well, yes and no. Obviously, your content has to have the engagement factor; your audience must be wooed. However, it’s not

Clients: Where Would You be Without Them?

So, you have a product to sell and you really aren’t sure how to promote your product or persuade consumers into buying it. Don’t fret! Let your existing customers do the promoting for you. “53% of consumers are more likely to purchase if a product

GoPro: How Video Builds Brand Awareness

Okay, so now that you know a little bit about video and how videos can benefit a company, let’s take a look at one company who has used video to boost brand awareness and sales significantly. GoPro. Nick Woodman founded GoPro in 2002 and his

What’s the Difference Between B2B vs B2C Marketing?

Every marketing firm out there has heard of B2B vs B2C marketing. In fact, most companies categorize their style of marketing as either B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) and at the base level; these styles of marketing are relatively different. So

Let’s Get Down to SEO Analytics

Analytics, analytics, analytics…BORING. Wrong! SEO analytics are actually an amazing way to track the success of the videos you worked so hard to produce! There are several ways to measure the analytics of a video. Let’s break it down, shall we? When producing a video,

Tent-pole Programming: Christmas Edition

No, we aren’t pitching tents here, are you crazy? It’s cold outside. So then, what is tent-pole programming? Tent-pole programing is a method of advertising that allows you to create a video based on popular cultural events. These events can be related to politics, major

Web Videos Vs. TV Commercials

What’s the difference between a television advertisement and an online video advertisement? Let statistics tell you. “75% of ad agency executives cited web videos as equally or more effective than traditional TV advertising, direct response or display ads” (eMarketer report). And, to top that, online

Video Platforms: YouTube vs. Vimeo

It’s obvious that YouTube is the front-runner when it comes to showcasing video platforms. However, YouTube, just like anything else, has it’s pros and cons. Google, the number one search engine in the world, acquired YouTube back in 2006 and more than 1 billion unique

Modern Marketing: Get with the Times

Marketing has, for decades upon decades, been the key to building brand awareness. However, recent years have presented a much more modern way to market—involving social media, email campaigns, VIDEO and more approachable websites. Social media alone is scoring big with B2B and B2C companies.

Customer Engagement through Video

Did you know that the average Internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video? Pretty significant, huh? Did you know that 68% of these viewers then share the video they are watching? It is important that video engagement be brought to your

The Skinny on Video SEO for YouTube

What’s the hype when it comes to YouTube? How about this: YouTube is the second largest search engine (next to Google) producing 100 hours of video every minute. Why? Because 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube and 90% of information

Brand Marketing: Building Your Brand Through Video

The whole idea behind brand marketing is to build your brand, right? And when building your brand, the content you yield is most important (as we discussed in our Sales Funnel post). However, one big mistake many companies make is limiting their content to text or