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Matching your Content Mix to your Video Marketing Goal

Making YouTube work for you might be your company’s end goal but as a company this will take more than just creating authentic content. In fact, your goal for YouTube might currently be to increase your viewership and get your company’s name exposure through brand storytelling, but if you’re not moving viewers from their initial interest to final purchase your message might be falling flat. Finding the perfect content mix for your content can be the difference between capturing leads and failing to truly capture your audience.



Let’s talk about the sales funnel and what that means for your content strategy goals. As a new company on YouTube, you’re probably already creating great tutorial or showcase videos about your awesome company and what you do. However, these videos only address the first stage of the sales funnel, interest and awareness. You’ve provided a great way for your customers to engage with your look, feel and voice, and now it’s time to think about how to address the following stages in order to move your viewers through the funnel and capture those leads.


The stages of the sales funnel should determine where your content mix stands. Naturally, everyone’s end goal is going to be closing leads, but before your develop an editorial strategy you need to decide how you want customers to move through the sales funnel. Once you understand your sales funnel goal, you can focus your production schedule for video marketing. Types of content can be classified into top-funnel, mid-funnel and lead-generating content based off of the traditional sales funnel model.


Just like the sales funnel, your content should move from the top of the funnel through to the lead generation. Content like How-To’s and Showcases will address the top of the funnel to help create interest and educate customers but other types of contents will give them the bigger picture of who your company is and what you sell. Almost half of your content should address the top of funnel, roughly 40% of your final videos will address the first and second stage of Awareness and Learning. The second bulk of your content will fall into the mid-funnel. These videos will address the Evaluate thumbnail-1stage to help your customer’s get a much closer look at your company’s product or service. The final stage of the funnel will be the smallest section of video content, roughly 20%, but will be one of the most important. This small group of videos will include very catered content to help close those leads and push potential customers to your lead generating form.


While you’re not going to create all of your online content at once, a diverse mix of video content will help your company see the types of leads that bring value to your video marketing efforts. As your YouTube efforts continue to grow, you should make a content audit of all your videos and which stage of the funnel they are addressing to help your company fill holes and flesh out content to keep your video content strategy working for you and your company.

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