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Customer Engagement through Video

Did you know that the average Internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video? Pretty significant, huh? Did you know that 68% of these viewers then share the video they are watching?

It is important that video engagement be brought to your attention for a few reasons. First off, video marketing is changing the industry in huge ways. This, in turn, means more ways to build your brand, bring awareness to your company and it’s services, advocate bigger goals, etc. Video has revolutionized the world of media and truly provided potential consumers with an emotional engagement to your brand. BOOM. In fact, Vidyard and Oracle Marketing stated that, “enjoyment of a brand video increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139% (Pepper, 3).” When consumers are, one, interested in watching a video, and two, enjoy the video because of the emotional engagement, the video succeeds in provoking the consumer to purchase—thus, building the brand.

customer engagement
So how do you create a sincere emotional engagement? Simple. Make your video relatable. There are many factors that go into producing a video that will connect with your audience, including finding out who your audience is and what you are trying to accomplish with the video (is this video promoting your brand as a whole or selling a specific product?). It is so important to find your niche. But, take a look at the bigger picture when doing so. What are the underlying characteristics of your company? What is the culture of your company like? Do you hold charity fundraisers? Or perhaps, you gather each month for team bonding. Include these characteristics in your video! These qualities will make you relatable to your consumers and enhance the authenticity of your video in the meantime.

Connecting with your audience is also determined by what kinds of videos you produce. In most cases, one video is not going to cut it. But, the first video is always the catalyst when it comes to whether or not your viewer will continue watching more videos. So, what kinds of videos should you display? Reference our Sales Funnel post to determine this!

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