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Data or Creativity? Try Both!

Are data and creativity at odds? One might think so, given the often dry and boring content that exists in which data is heavily incorporated. However, with emerging technologies, fresh thinkers, and new ways of absorbing content, the two have found harmony with one another. In fact, correctly merging the two can do wonders for your company, increasing ROI like never before. Read on to learn more about the power of combining data and creativity!

Data Can Be Fun!

Believe it or not, data doesn’t have to be dull. In fact, it can amplify both the fun and effectiveness of your content. Learn from the creative geniuses behind this Huggies commercial. This cute, funny video already has a strong start, featuring adorable babies essentially competing against one another. However, it takes things an extra step further with data. Huggies is all about working for the active and always-moving lifestyle of a baby. Rather than simply showing some kids wiggling around, Huggies actually tracked their movements with a small monitor. That way, not only are they generating excitement over this silly, yet genius test, but they’re putting the proof behind their statements, showing just how much it is that kids move about. It’s a brilliant example of how data can make such stunts more fun! Not only that, but it worked. This ad alone led to a 29% increase in sales (29:1 ROI)!

Put It Into Context

People want to know why you’re better than the competitors – that’s no secret. It’s getting people to listen that can be the struggle. In today’s market landscape, consumers are becoming more and more demanding, expecting a uniquely tailored marketing experience. Essentially, they want to be directly spoken to. How does one do this, you ask? Check out this brilliant video from Xfinity. As you’ll see, they’ve created a bunch of ads, all revolving around the same concept. The key is that they’re catering directly to the viewer, targeting each add to specific types of related content. Doing so is genius, and sure to get your audience’s attention. With this attention, you now have the opportunity to present your data. Keep it clear and brief. People don’t want to be overwhelmed, having to sift through the numbers. Rather, make it obvious how the numbers prove your given point.

Keep It Balanced

While creativity and data make for a powerful combination, it’s all about keeping it close to a 50/50 balance. Having too much of one or the other could lessen your chance of success. As for creativity, it requires that you think outside of the box. For many, B2B marketing may not be as exciting of a marketplace, but limiting yourself in such a way also puts a limit on your creative potential. Here is a perfect example made for a Norwegian bank. With the combination of public financial date and artful entertainment, this video shows how your money goes beyond the bank itself. While a bank may seemingly not be the most exciting of clients, look how they turned it into something worthwhile! The type of content you see coming from most banks is expectedly dry and boring, but examples like this prove that it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it shouldn’t be, as both your target audience, and your company, will thank you.

Takes notes from these examples, as they prove that the merging of both data and creativity proves to be powerful for the success of your marketing campaign. Don’t let data scare you off or bore you to death. Rather, use it to enhance the creativity and impress your consumers. Give it a shot and see the effect it can have on your ROI!


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