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The Difference Between Video Marketing and Video Optimization

Here at Fresh Ink, we do several things very well.  We specialize in the production, optimization, and marketing of beautiful videos.  The production aspect of our work is pretty simple to understand.  It involves some extensive camera equipment, expert videographers and the keen eye of brilliant creative directors and editors.  However, we know the optimization and marketing side of our work is typically not so easy to comprehend.  Therefore, we’ve broken it down to describe what the difference between marketing and optimization really means it comes to video production.



Here at Fresh Ink, we liken the difference between optimization and marketing to the different stages of preparing for a party.  Optimizing your video is similar to getting your house ready for a party.  Tasks like cleaning your house, shopping for food, and hanging decorations are all a part of getting the party ready.  Essentially this means utilizing your space as best possible, creating the correct theme of the party, and sharing the information that your party even exists.  

The Differences between Marketing and Optimization


You might think posting party info is considered marketing, however, this is where the key differentiation takes places.  You could run to your balcony and scream, “I am having a party!”  True, your message has been shared.  However, it probably was not heard by the right people at the right time and not many people will show up.  Similarly, simply because your video has been posted to YouTube, does not mean your desired consumers are going to run across it without a little help.   This is where we truly identify the difference between marketing and optimization. 



This is where you, as the host of your video and metaphorical party, can take proactive steps to position yourself to be seen more organically.  This is called optimization and entails the correct titling of your video, adding accurate video descriptions, and utilizing thumbnails.  Optimization also encompasses creating tailored calls-to-action for your viewers.  Calls-to-Action also referred to as CTAs, are pieces of content usually placed at the end of a video urging consumers to take a specific action.  These actions typically urge consumers to learn more about the product or services they’ve just watched.   At the core, optimization strives to simply position your video to be seen by the right viewers in an as natural interaction as possible and mostly when the viewers are searching for content such as yours.  

The Difference Between Video Marketing and Optimization | Fresh Ink Marketing



Back to the party analogy.  Your party is ready and now you need people.  The best way to get attendees to your figurative soiree is simply to go get them.  This means loading up our imaginative party bus to retrieve each guest.  Through extended research, we have gathered a list of potential guests, better known as viewers.  We’ve combed through viewer’s search behavior, geographical locations, specific interest, listed demographics, and affinity audiences.  An affinity audience is anyone who is searching for similar brands or products.

To market to these viewers, we approach advertisements in two specific ways.  The first group of ads are called In-Stream Ads.  These are the small videos which play before, during or after a viewer’s selected video.  Lasting as little as six seconds and up to three minutes, these ads increase awareness or brand consideration, even if a viewer skips ahead.  In addition, your brand only pays for the ad time if a viewer watches longer than thirty seconds or click to learn more.  

The second group of ads are called Discovery Ads.  These ads are placed in a cue on right side of YouTube’s results page.  These ads do not interrupt viewer’s streaming, but instead, afford the opportunity for viewers to choose to watch and learn about your brand.  Both In-Stream and Discovery ads encapsulate a type of marketing called cost-per-view marketing. The beauty of these ads are you are only charged when a viewer clicks on your advertisement, allowing you to only pay when interested parties choose to watch.  Only paying when your ad is actually viewed?!  Those are advertising bucks well spent.



Getting your brand in the public eye is critically important to your business’s success and growth.  Here at Fresh Ink, we live that principle.  We’ve become experts in executing marketing strategies that get you noticed.  Our specially tailored optimization and marketing plans help your brand achieve your goals in a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective fashion.

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