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Marketing – It’s Not About You

To be successful in today’s marketing landscape, you can’t be solely focused on yourself, your company, and your own goals. Rather, there’s great importance in focusing your energy and attention on the consumer and his or her needs. Doing so will set your campaign up for success like never before. Read on to learn why it’s time to start putting empathy into marketing and how it will help boost your ROI!

Don’t Have Tunnel Vision

Most brands and companies are focused on themselves, and understandably so. Having a strong set of goals and a drive to achieve them is great, and highly encouraged. However, don’t let your goals blind you from those of your consumers. In today’s marketing landscape, especially, it is crucial that you take into account those goals of your target audiences. In fact, you should even put them before your own, at times. Knowing and understanding what it is that your consumer wants well help you to better tailor and cater to their needs, which is key for a successful marketing campaign. But don’t just take our word for it! Kate Spade New York committed to empathetic marketing and achieved impressive results. Their YouTube watch time increased by 39 seconds and their overall views increased by 500%! All it took was putting empathy into the equation. Read on to learn more about how they achieved success!

Make It A Conversation

When making an advertisement, don’t make it all about just selling the product or service. Rather, use ads as an opportunity to interact with your consumers. Answers questions, provide demonstrations, offer tips, and do whatever you can to help your consumer feel more connected with the brand. Kate Spade New York looked at the success of their in-store team and applied it to their advertisements. This gave consumers a chance to get that same in-store, personal experience online, and it was all done through their advertisements.

Put Them First

Figure out what matters to your audience and go with it. Review your analytics and take a look at keyword research to see what it is they find important. Again, you can look to Kate Spade as an example. They did their research in order to uncover their audiences needs, and then implemented TrueView Discovery ads that would present themselves to consumers who searched for related queries on YouTube. Doing so ensured that the right message was delivered to the right consumer.

Think Entertainment, Not Advertisement

Nobody like a sales pitch. Therefore, don’t let your ads feel as such. Rather, tell a story or entertain your audience in ways that makes them interested in what you have to sell. Kate Spade even went so far as to hire narrative writers to give a series of ads more of a TV feel. Furthermore, they created content for YouTube that blended in with the type of content their target audiences were used to. Therefore, they felt more meaningful and important, rather than just another ad.

If you want to see results, you have to change your mindset. Put yourself in the shoes of your consumer. See from their perspective what it is that they want. Doing so will set you up for success, ensuring that your advertisements will want to be seen and heard by your target audience. At the end of the day, that should be your goal!


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