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Top 3 Tips to Win Facebook Marketing



Facebook is a critical frontier in the world of marketing.  According to Hubspot, 80% of US social network users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook. These connections turn thousand of followers into loyal customers.  Since 77% of B2C consumers and 43% of B2B consumers are acquired through Facebook, it is a critical platform for any business to utilize.

In this blog, our Fresh Ink team breaks down how to use Facebook to build your brand. 

#1  Build the Right Audience

A solid marketing strategy identifies what actions you want your consumers to take once connecting with your brand on social media.  This action might not always be purchasing a product, but perhaps instead creating inspiration for social mission or sharing critical information.  Whatever this intention, be certain to have the next step logistics already prepared for your consumers to follow your brand.

#2 Use Facebook Best Practices 

Facebook has a strong dislike of primary text based ads.  So when running ads images, keep them visually simple and utilize the writing portion of the ad to display your message.  We recommend using stock images or taking your own photos.  This enables you to capture in a picture exactly what your ad is about.

Top 3 Tips to Win with Facebook MarketingTop 3 Tips to Win with Facebook Marketing


# 3 Have the Right Campaign Goals

If you are hosting lead generation campaign, you are looking to drive traffic to your landing page or website.  However if you are hosting a facebook marketing campaign focused on achieving website conversions, you are looking to for your consumer to perform a trackable action on your website.  This could be submitting an form, signing up for a newsletter, sending an email, calling or any other number of conversions.  Have these goals in place ahead of time to accurately track Facebook marketing progress.

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