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Guide to Being On-Set

It’s no secret that video can have a great impact on the public’s understanding of your brand and on your ROI. According to a recent article by Digital Sherpa, videos increase the public’s understanding

fim_vlog-bloggfx_beingonset01of your brand and products by 74%. Pair that with the fact that more than 100 million consumers watch video online every day and you have a very clear picture of why video is so important to the success of your brand.

When we work with first-time clients in preparing a video shoot, we’re often asked how they can prepare for the day of the shoot and for being on-camera. At Fresh Ink, we want the video production process to be as smooth, fun, and efficient as possible. Here are some tips that we give to our first-timers to guide them to feel as comfortable and confident as they can.

  • Relax:

    We want you to do well on-camera just as much as you do! Our team is dedicated to bringing out the best in you. We’ll make you, your brand, and your company look fantastic, all while having fun. If you show up on-set with a fun, positive attitude, we can guarantee you a fantastic experience.

  • Communicate:

    We want to make sure that we communicate with you as effectively as possible. We recommend appointing someone on your team as the point-person to express your company’s needs and to make sure that everyone is on the same page as far as scheduling and production are involved. Creating fim_vlog-bloggfx_beingonset02efficient communication between a small nu­mber of nominated parties can put you well on your way to an organized, fun day of shooting.

  • Be Authentic:

    We want you to be your honest self. There’s no need to stress yourself out by imagining that you need to know exactly what to say at all times. When your natural self comes through, that authenticity builds trust with viewers, which is crucial for creating loyalty and boosting your ROI. The beauty of digital content is that we can shoot as many takes as we need, allowing you to relax and be yourself.

  • Have Talking Points:

    Writing down your thoughts and rehearsing some of your talking points in advance can help you to sound more natural and focused in your interview. There’s no need to write out a full script for yourself. The talking points that you set for yourself can help your tone and personality shine through. Simply having your main points in mind can help to put you on the right track for success!

Video is powerful because of the opportunity that it gives you to present yourself and your brand in an engaging way to the public. At Fresh Ink, we make sure that the process of making your video is as easy, engaging, and fun as possible. If you’d like to learn more about what we do, check out the past work on our website and follow us on LinkedIn!