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3 Things to Do Now You Have a Video



So you’ve created a video for your company.  Hooray!!.. Now what?  Equipped with your video, you and your brand stand poised to enter into a pool of advertising possibilities.  The only thing separating you from taking the plunge into the very exciting world of video marketing is a little computer time.  However, before casting your video into the sea of online content,  there are some steps you can take to ensure your video swims instead of sinks.  

Granted, there are an endless number of tips and tricks to ensuring the success of your video.  However, there are three steps which while somewhat obvious, are often overlooked.  When marketing your own video, we suggest following these simples steps to prevent a metaphorical stage dive like ole’ left shark.

We present these steps for you now:

  1. Begin with the End In Mind

The direction you decide to take with your marketing should reflect the action you desire your viewers to take once seeing your video.  For example, if you want your viewers to click on your YouTube channel to subscribe for more videos, ensure your YouTube page is tailored, organized, and easily navigated.  It’s imperative that prior to beginning a video marketing campaign the necessary assets such as landing pages or YouTube Channels, are in place to better encourage conversions.  Additionally, ensuring your assets are easily accessible to your viewers in the form of end cards and interactive cards are equally as important.

Essentially, begin with the end in mind.

  1.  Tell Your Team

Your employees are the best possible representatives for your brand; they embody not only your brand’s hard work but also your company’s spirit.  Because your employees are constantly interacting with your brand’s mission and vision, they are familiar with your industry and can speak with a certain degree of authority.  Not only that, but thanks to social media and professional networking sites, employees are the ideal brand ambassadors to connect your brand with a wealth of potential new consumers and markets.  Encouraging social sharing of your marketing aspects can be achieved through company updates via email, meetings and even marketing launch parties.  Encouraging community increase brand solidarity.   So tell your team about promotional efforts and ask them to share too!


  1.  Make it Seen

Publish your video where your potential customers will see it.  Understandably, the follow-up question to this statement obviously is, ‘Where will my customers see it?”   For starters, we recommend utilizing YouTube.  We’ve done the research and to put it succinctly, it’s the place to be.  On demand content like YouTube is booming and a well-optimized video can achieve major success.  Amazing for you we’ve already mapped out a succesful how-to plan to conquering YouTube marketing.

Outside of YouTube, there live a multitude of locations for you to place your video to be seen, and for free nonetheless!  Locations such as your social media platforms, landing pages and even a few sneaky locations you might not have thought.  Essentially, distribute your video and make it seen.


Preventing the Belly Flop

As we said when we began, these steps towards marketing your branded video may seem fairly obvious.  However, without keeping these ideas actively in mind before and during promotion, your branded video content could belly flop, not reaching its most exciting potential.  That’s where our Fresh Ink staff can help.  We’ve been doing this marketing gig for a while and we’ve come to learn a lot.  For more tips and idea for how to maximize your branded video content, click through to check out our blogs.


We think we’re experts, but only if you do too!  Tell us what content you are curious about and we’ll get to researching.  We’ll even email you when we’re done!  Share your ideas here.