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How To Use Playlists on YouTube


Now that you have a few marketing videos in your repertoire, it’s time to display them in a way that maximizes their visibility and your investment. The best way to do this is to create YouTube playlists for your videos. YouTube playlists do 5 main things for your brand and content on YouTube: (1) organize your content, (2) boost your online video rankings, (3) educate your viewers, (4) showcase your best work, and (5) improve your videos’ viewing times.



  1. Organize your content

Organizing your videos directs customers where to look, making it easier for them to find the information they are searching for. YouTube playlists are usually best used for grouping your videos according to types, topics, and best of showcases.

Types can include a list of how to’s or new home showcases. Topics can educate the viewer on home design tips or home buying tips. And best of reels show off your quality product.

The goal is to guide the viewer’s experience and promote your work.

Tip: Put your best video first to make a good first impression.


  1. Boost video rankings

The golden rule of YouTube video rankings is that YouTube rewards those who keep viewers on YouTube. If you keep the viewer’s attention on your videos and on YouTube, the platform will show your video higher up in search results. This is good for you, and good for YouTube.

Playlists typically boost your video rankings because viewers typically watch video after video if they’re entertaining and readily available. Playlists just keep the videos rolling for your customers, boosting your rankings and engagement rates.

Tip: Maximize your keyword search rankings by writing a keyword-rich playlist description and title.



  1. Educate your audience

People typically go for playlists that answer a few questions on a particular topic or within a specific theme. They’re searching for information surrounding based off their keyword search and needs.

For example, a highly popular search is interior design tips. You can capitalize off this popular search by creating a playlist framed around interior design to show-off your work and connect with the viewer.

Customers are more likely to find and engage with your content if it’s relevant and informative.

Tip: Research popular topics and build your playlist around that.


  1. Showcase your best work

Make sure viewers see your best work. Best of playlists give viewers an overview of your work, craftsmanship, and brand. A strong preview playlist boosts your brand awareness by casting a wide net.

When viewers see something that sparks their interest and develop a connection with your brand, they can dive into more specific playlist topics on your YouTube channel.

Tip: Build a best of playlist that showcases your selling points. Customers can quickly see the benefits of your product.


  1. Gain longer viewing times

Effectively grouping your videos together increases your video viewing time. A viewer is more likely to watch multiple videos in one sitting if they flow well together and are high quality. This means viewers are watching your videos in their entirety—no clicking away mid-way through the video.

The longer they watch a video, the higher your viewing time and the high YouTube will rank your video in searches.

Tip: Keep playlist length appropriate to the playlist topic. If you’re explaining a complex or broad topic, more videos are better. But, if the topic’s pretty niche, keep them shorter. Videos must stay relevant to the playlist and information the viewer is searching for.

Making playlists are an easy way to boost your presence on YouTube. You have the content already, and with a little re-organization you can maximize your marketing investment and content created.


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