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How to Win the YouTube Game

A successful video campaign encompasses more than the creation of beautiful cinema.  While the cinematic featurette might be the visual star of the show, there is an immense amount of forethought and planning which must be performed prior to the producer calling ‘action.’   It’s this planning which enables your video to climb to the top search results on top of search engines, awarding your brand high ranking recognition and credibility.  It’s this process we’d like to share in this article.

Have you ever wanted to a make a YouTube video for your brand, but were uncertain about what to produce and how to promote it?  We know that sentiment.  Luckily for you, we’ve been doing video marketing for a while, so we have some tips and tricks to share.  So here we go!  Ladies and gentlemen, if you will now follow me, the tour of Fresh Ink’s Holistic Video Campaign Strategy is now beginning.


⅓ of smartphone users have reported purchasing

from a brand other than the brand they intended because

of information provided in the moment they needed it



Research is the first stop on any successful video campaign.  In this stage, we determine the right content, for the right audience, and when to display that content in the right moment.  This research is imperative to the success of marketing campaigns because consumers are not always receptive to marketing information.  Here at Fresh Ink, we position your brand to be found to in moments when a consumer becomes open-minded to the influence of a brand’s message.  These moments are called Micro-Moments.  Micro-Moments are critical in a buyer’s journey and ultimately dictate how that journey ends.  

mirco-moments infographic showing context, intent, and immediacy
Think with Google | Micro-Moments


Micro-Moments traditionally are motivated by a need to resolve an immediate question.  Google reports 82% of smartphone users consult their phones on purchases they are about to make.  This emphasizes the importance of creating engaging video content, that answers your customers questions when they ask.


Next is production or the creation of your stunning visual content.  This not only implies video content but also an online digital presence to display that video content.  This stage combines our behind the scenes research and creative prowess to form visually stunning works which engage and captivate.  This could encompass a single video, a series of videos to be utilized as ads, or a comprehensive video campaign geared to help convert viewers.  With your budget and audiences needs being the only dictating factors, the sky is the limit.


So we’ve crafted the right content, allowing our gaze to shift towards positioning that content in front of the right audience, at the right time.  Our YouTube certified professionals know how and where to position your digital assets to engage your largest targeted audience.  We are even capable of positioning your brand in front of your competitor’s websites and videos, always keeping your company front and center to a qualified audience.

Optimization in the context of YouTube means ensuring your content adheres to the websites best practices, increasing the authority of your video.  When your video gains trusted authority, it becomes easily searchable and will appear the top of organic searches.

As any industry expert will tell you, if you want to play in the same arena as the big boys, you must pay the price.  Here at Fresh Ink, we strongly believe in utilizing performance based marketing tactics such as pre-roll YouTube ads.  This means you only pay for your YouTube ads if the consumer watches past five seconds and ensures you are only paying for those customers who are truly interested in engaging with your brand.  This is just one example of the performance based model we used which enables your brand to have an effective spend strategy, resulting in a highly effective campaign.  


Last but not least, we arrive at the marketing stage of our journey.  Marketing is crucial for more than immediate ROI.  With years of experience utilizing channels such as Google Display Network, YouTube, email, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, we have documented success with choosing the best channels based on your audience and goals.  Through the application of A/B testing and other performance based models of refining content, we aim to discern what video or landing page tweaks need to be employed to continuously revamp your campaign.

Here at Fresh Ink, we live to grow brands.   We’re successfully and we want to make you successful too.  

Check us out and let’s make magic together>>