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Importance of Landing Pages: Why They’re an Important Marketing Tool

Landing pages are crucial in the realm of marketing—especially for B2B and B2C marketing. They promote brand awareness, while connecting with your audience on a more appealing, approachable level. What is the importance of landing pages? Let’s break it down.

A landing page is, “a web page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead-capture form. Landing pages allow you to target your audience, offer them something of value, and convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads, while also capturing information about who they are” (Vaughan).

importance of modern marketingSo, in regards to consumers, by capturing your viewer’s information, you become more in tune with your audience—distinguishing their needs as a consumer. Your landing page will target a specific audience. For example, this audience can come from an email campaign, which promotes a product you’re selling. Your landing page can offer content such as free trials, demos, or coupons for your product. This will provoke the viewer into trying your product even more so than providing the pros of the product itself.

These promotional offers are CTA’s or call-to-actions. They provide the viewer with an incentive or something they deem valuable. So, if you have a new product you are trying to sell, your call-to-action may be as simple as “Get a sample for free”. More than likely, your viewer will sign-up for a free product. And Voila! They’re visiting your landing page, signing up for a product sample and being convince that your product is worth the purchase! This, in turn, makes the viewer a viable lead for your business.

Now, that being said, landing pages are also a great way to promote campaigns, market for company recruitment, and engage a viewer in your product that is more interesting than the typical homepage.

One great way to engage your audience by using a landing page is to create a relatable connection by featuring employees that already work for your company. Let them tell their story and share the benefits and advantages that come with working for the company. This gives employee prospects more reason to apply for the company, and consumers more reason to purchase because the employees are likeable.

Landing pages are also more engaging for campaigns. They’re interesting! Landing pages typically include more graphics, photos and videos, which aid in an increase of viewers because people are visual. You only have 4 seconds to capture your viewer’s attention on a landing page or web page so make your visuals count!

“48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign” (MarketingSherpa). Building a landing page for each campaign can improve your leads up to 12 times! So when building a landing page, remember to have these things: a captivating headline, an easy to navigate page layout, visual media, limited body copy and a great call-to-action! Visit the Marketing Mojo for layout suggestions!

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