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Improve Your Video Ads

Not impressed with the results of your video ads? The Fresh Ink Team is here to share some tips and tricks for making the most of those few seconds, ensuring you produce increased ROI. Read on to learn more!

Make It Fast

When it comes to video ads, especially TrueView ads, you have a very short amount of time to really capture your audience’s attention. However, it’s not enough to just be exciting anymore. To best hook your consumers, you must first know and understand them well. For example, take a look at this ad from Yoox. They know their consumers well, and therefore, utilized the two main obsessions of their trendy audience–exclusivity and impulse buying. While their concept certainly wouldn’t work for every brand, it was perfect for theirs and well-suited their target audience. Learning from this, make sure to study your audience and play to their wants right away. Make them want to stick around!

Make It Fun

If you again take a look at the Yook ad linked above, you’ll also notice how they “gamified” their ad and played up the need to act quickly with the use of a ticking countdown. You too can play with pacing and rhythm to encourage consumers to act fast. They don’t want their time to be wasted, and you want to make a quick sale, so why not encourage them to make a move?

Make It Easy

If you haven’t realized already, everything comes down to speed. With that being said, don’t make your ad over-complicated or confusing for the consumer. Including concise statements and a clear call-to-action will help to ensure your audiences make a move, rather than steer clear of the confusion.

Make It Niche

Don’t waste time and money on sending your video ads out to massive, random audiences. Rather, target your specific clientele to ensure those seeing your ad are likely to be interested in it. By using both affinity and custom intent audiences, you’re likely to see a hire ROI from your video ads than ever before.


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