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It’s All About The Journey

Do you know your customers well enough? Not personally, but in terms of understanding their wants, desires, expectations, etc.? Many are unaware, and as a result, their marketing campaigns suffer. Knowing and understanding your consumers and the digital journeys they take, from discovery to purchase, is key to better conducting your campaign and thus increasing ROI. If you’re looking to decipher their map from point A to point B, read on! We’ll be your navigational guide throughout the twists and turns of the consumer journey

Achieve Alignment

Before launching a campaign, establish a strong set of goals that you plan to achieve. When carrying out the campaign, you can always look to your goals to make sure your actions keep you on track. With that being said, your customers may have goals that differ from your own, and these should be just as important to you. Ensure that you develop a strategy that helps your customers achieve their goals while simultaneously bringing you closer to your own.

Maintain Communication

At what points in the consumer journey are you communicating with customers? Are they happening pre-purchase, purchase, and/or post-purchase? Thinking through all of these stages might uncover a missed opportunity for you to me communicating with consumers. Prioritize these missed opportunities and take advantage of the ones that bring you closer to your goals.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

As with any journey, the consumer journey is likely to experience both smooth and rough patches along the way. It’s important that you identify these moments, especially those which are negative experiences for the consumer, as you will want to iron out the wrinkles to increase the likelihood of a purchase. For example, if a consumer is brought to your website through an ad that they enjoyed, but upon reaching your website they are left confused with conflicting information, this will likely keep them from making a purchase. It’s important that everyone on your team is aligned, whether it be copywriters, salespeople, designers, etc. A smooth and more positive website experience will certainly boost your results.

Step Into Their Shoes

Put your business to the test and play the role of the consumer yourself. Go through the process and experiences their journey. Whether it be a digital website or a physical store, go through the motions and think about how your experience was impacted by the tools and processes you have put in place. Was it a fully positive experience? Was something missing? Could it have been made easier? Experiencing this in the same way your consumers would will allow you to come up with ways to better improve upon possible setbacks.

Take A Bird’s Eye View

Once you’ve fully mapped out the consumer journey, take a step back to look at it as a whole. For some, it may even help to create a visual representation of the journey. Creating a tool like this can help the entire team remain on the same page, aligning both the goals of the consumer and the company. At the end of the day, positive results are due to a positive customer experience. Taking their needs into account first will help you take care of your own.


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