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Land a Sale with Landing Pages

Are you familiar with landing pages? Perhaps you’ve heard of them, but never ventured into creating one yourself. Here at Fresh Ink, we utilize landing pages for many of our clients, whether it be for advertising a sale, creating awareness for a product or service, or ultimately, providing a space for conversions to take place. Read on to learn the benefits of using landing pages and to see how they can lead to increased ROI for your next digital marketing campaign!

What’s The Point?

Perhaps you’re having a temporary sale? Or maybe you want to promote certain products or services you don’t typically offer? Possibly you’re just looking to have a contained space to carry out a specific campaign where you can encourage conversions and track results? All are great reasons to create a landing page. The way I see it, they can operate as an extension to your company’s website, but can be made only accessible via a specific link. Therefore, if you want it to have the look and feel of your website, but to not be accessible from your website, you can do so with landing pages. Maybe you only want to target those on your email list? Or maybe it’s geared towards those who visited your shop at a convention? Whatever the reason, you can share this page with your specific, targeted audience.

Many Benefits

With its user-friendly design, Unbounce allows for a smooth experience without the need for web developer involvement. Ultimately, this will help to keep costs down while raising efficiency. Furthermore, the A/B testing feature allows for maximized success, as you can easily review what elements work better than others. For example, perhaps you have two different videos you’re considering including on the landing page, but you’re not quite sure which one will best reach your target audience? Or maybe you can’t decide on which URL to drive traffic towards? By creating multiple variants, you can easily put it to the test and ensure you’re utilizing the best practices.

How Can I Make One?

Making a landing page doesn’t need to be difficult. At Fresh Ink, we use a tool called Unbounce which makes the process pretty easy. Within Unbounce, you can easily setup a page for both desktop and mobile platforms, which is key. More and more of your audience will be viewing your content on mobile, so it’s crucial to ensure it’s optimized for smaller screens. Also within Unbounce, you’re given the tools necessary to quickly and easily create forms and buttons. Forms are a great way to collect information about your target audience. You can customize a form to require email addresses, phone numbers, and a variety of other information which may pertain to your specific campaign. As for buttons, they help make conversions easy. You can insert a button and have it immediately dial your company’s phone number, direct traffic to a specific page on your website, or do a variety of other things! Essentially, it makes conversions just a click away.

Capture Leads

After putting all of the time and effort into your campaign, you want to know how it performs. Again, with tools like Unbounce, reviewing the success of your campaign is made easy. Within Unbounce, you can simply set it up to have all leads sent directly to your email address. That means that every time a form is submitted, the information about your audience will be sent directly to you. Even if you don’t want to receive emails, Unbounce automatically creates a list of all leads generated that you can then download at the end of your campaign. That way, you have a list of those people you know are already interested in your brand, and you can then use their information to better improve upon future campaigns and to target those individuals again.

Get Started!

Landing pages can be incredibly beneficial to you and your next marketing campaign. With a variety of tools at your fingertips, the process is made relatively easy, so why not get started making one today? Begin capturing leads of specific consumers who are interested in what your brand has to offer. From there, you can launch new and more targeted campaigns that are sure to prove successful. Don’t just take our word for it, though. We’ve gotten results time and time again from utilizing landing pages!

For Blaze Equipment, we experienced a increase in leads by over 11Xs! Incredible, right?! The end goal was to drive foot traffic to their booth at an upcoming trade show and to capture new leads. Through the use of a well-designed and carefully crafted landing page, we were able to target the right audience who was interested in what our client had to offer. With easily accessible forms incorporated into the page, consumers were able to quickly fill out their information, which we then collected at the completion of their campaign. Check out our website for more.


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