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Mastering YouTube: Learn From Top Creators

With tens of millions of subscribers and billions of views, how do the top YouTube creators do it? Read on to learn some of the insider tips and tricks on how to succeed, and ultimately make money, on YouTube.


Find a Niche within a Niche

It’s one thing to find your brand’s broad, yet targeted audience. However, you need to go beyond this massive population to find the even more targeted audience that will become your dedicated followers. For example, let’s take the incredibly popular Rosanna Pansino on YouTube. With over 10 million subscribers and 2.5 billion views (yes, that’s a “b”), how does she do it? On her channel, Rosanna has her wildly popular cooking show that everyone who has heard of her name would be familiar with. This cooking show attracts an incredibly broad audience of individuals with similar interests. However, she keeps her core content of the show focused specifically on sweet tooth content. Dong so helps her to find an audience inside of a mainstream niche, in this case, cooking. Digging deeper than cooking, she is now targeting those individuals who particularly enjoy baking sweets and desserts. This increases her channel’s relevancy to a core group of loyal subscribers.

How To Apply?

Consider creating focused content for your hyper-targeted niche audience. Begin to build up this audience with time. For example, it’s easier to be a household name for Vertical Gardening and expand from there than it is to be own the “Gardening” keyword from scratch.


Don’t Do It Alone

Collaborations are key to your success. Going back to Rosanna, she has done dozens of collaborative videos with other creators on YouTube. When she does so, two things happen:
      1. Subscribers of other channels get exposed to her.
      2. YT starts suggesting her videos to subscribers of the creators she’s done collabs with.
With that simple strategy, she is gaining at least double the exposure! All it takes is working with others in the industry, rather than solely competing against them.

How To Apply?

Think about whom you can co-create with to cross-pollinate audiences. This helps you grow your brand, both organically and through YouTube suggestions.


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