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Master Email Marketing

Wanting to directly reach clients or potential prospects? Looking to deliver content right to their doorstep? Try email marketing! Launching an email marketing campaign using tools like MailChimp can be a tremendous way to directly reach a highly specific audience. So if you’re looking to build and maximize the success of an email marketing campaign, read on! The Fresh Ink team is here yet again to share our tips and tricks for increasing ROI.

Who Do I Target?

The beauty of email marketing is in its ability to directly target specific consumers, whether they’re your existing clients or potential prospects. With tools like MailChimp, which we here at Fresh Ink highly recommend, you can insert lists of specific email addresses to target. When creating these lists, we tend to use LinkedIn to gather email addresses. If you haven’t already, make sure to build up a strong network of connections on LinkedIn with others in your industry or field. After having done so, you can actually download your connections into a list format that will come in handy when transferring them to MailChimp. Not quite sure how to download your connections? Check out this article for some help.

The connections that you utilize can come from a variety of people’s accounts who are associated with your company or brand. Strong leaders and faces of the company are likely to have a strong set of connections. Be sure to utilize multiple of these LinkedIn accounts to have a nice sized target audience.

Don’t Become Spam – Subject Is Everything

The subject line of your email is potentially the most important part. Many people will pass over, or even delete, an email solely based on the subject line. Don’t be mistaken for spam! Having a subject line that is too “fluffy,” as we like to call it, can come off as sounding like a gimmick or internet trap. Be clear, concise, and professional. Relay the message in a way that makes people want to know more, rather than be uninterested, or even skeptical.

Simple, Yet Stylized

When it comes to the design of your email, don’t over complicate things. For the most part, people aren’t spending leisurely time going through their inboxes. If they’re looking at an email, it is to quickly get the information they need. Therefore, keep your emails, short, simple, and to-the-point. However, add some visual interest with various assets. Adding in some photography can be a great way to showcase your products and services, or to just give an overall look and feel for your brand.

It’s All About The Links

At the end of the day, these emails are simply a tool to direct your audience towards a bigger picture, whether it be selling a product or service, advertising an event, or introducing your brand. Therefore, you don’t want the interaction to stop with your email. Be sure to include several links in the form of CTA buttons. You can link to a variety of pages, such as the following:

  • Company/Brand Website

  • Landing pages

  • YouTube videos

  • Social accounts

Blast Off!

With a target audience established and a concise and catching email developed, you’re ready to blast your email out. The work doesn’t stop here, however. With tools like MailChimp, you can monitor the amount of people who open your email and click on the content within it. The click map is neat tool that allows you to see where people are clicking. This will help you to review your emails success and to see how you can better improve for the next one.

Tried And Trusted

While these tips and tricks may sound helpful, don’t just take our word for it! For many clients, we’ve utilized email marketing and have always gained positive results. As a result of our work, our clients have received a high increase of inquiries on products and a dramatic boost in sales. For one client specifically, Blaze Equipment, we’ve seen an overall increase of sales up to 60%! Results like these just go to show the power a well developed email marketing campaign can have for a company.


We love sharing our marketing tips and tricks and we’d also love your feedback. Take a second and leave us a comment! Was this article helpful? What do you want to read about next? Let us know!!