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Mobile Usage

Still not thinking mobile-first when it comes to your digital marketing campaign? Perhaps you’re still struggling to see the power that mobile has on the marketplace. Maybe you don’t rely on mobile experiences very much? The Fresh Ink team is here to once again stress the importance of a mobile-is-mandatory mindset! Read on to get a better understanding of just how often your consumers are likely to be turning to their small screens for your big conversions.

Their Down Time Is Your Go Time

Think about the drastic ways in which mobile devices have transformed our lives. Take, for example, going to the doctor. Spending time in the waiting room used to mean flipping through mindless magazines or listening to the always-irritating symphonies droning in the background. Now, however, if you step into a doctor’s office, everyone in the waiting room is looking down at their phones. Whether it’s here, or in the back of a taxi cab, moments like these, and many others in which people experience “down time,” are now filled with endless mobile experiences, many of which may be with your various online platforms. Be sure to take advantage of their down time and make it your time to shine with positive mobile experiences.

Endless Reasons To Turn To Mobile

Perhaps a thought popped into your head, or you overheard a conversation that reminded you of something. Or maybe you just ran out of a product and need to make a quick purchase? Simple, yet endless moments like these happen throughout the day and cause you to turn to your phone for help. People are performing quick searches like these all day long, and hopefully some of those searches take them to your website. Be sure you’re prepared for these mobile visitors. If not, they’ll likely turn elsewhere and you’ll have lost a potential conversion.

Efficiency is Effective

More and more consumers are turning to mobile for its ability to increase efficiency and allow for multi-tasking. Furthermore, it gives consumers a sense of accomplishment. In fact, 60% say mobile experiences help them feel more confident and prepared (Klienberg). As a result, people are more likely to turn to mobile to get things done fast. Therefore, your digital content needs to be up to the challenge. Ensure that when people are interacting with your content, it is setup to maximize efficiency. Doing so will increase your chances for conversion and for repeat customers. It is proven that 79% say they’re more likely to revisit and/or share a mobile site if it is easy to use (Klienberg), so make it simple!

It’s All About The Journey, And The Destination

While you may be solely focussed on getting customers through to your end goal, you’ll never achieve maximum success without understanding how it is they get there. Mapping out the consumer journey can do wonders for a digital marketing campaign, as it allows you to better improve the user experience and to meet consumers where they’re at. Consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to easy and seamless digital experiences, so when faced with anything less, they’re disappointed. Be sure to read our blog post which goes more in depth on understanding the consumer journey and it’s importance for your success!

Convinced Yet?

If you’ve been following us along for some time now, you’ll know that the Fresh Ink Team is all about mobile. We can’t stress its importance enough, especially in today’s digital marketing landscape. Consumers are always on their phones, making it crucial that we cater to their mobile experiences. If you’re ready to start taking mobile more seriously, we’ve got you covered. Check out this blog post to get you started on the right track towards a successful mobile marketing strategy.


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