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Modern Marketing: Get with the Times

Marketing has, for decades upon decades, been the key to building brand awareness. However, recent years have presented a much more modern way to market—involving social media, email campaigns, VIDEO and more approachable websites.

Social media alone is scoring big with B2B and B2C companies. 75% of modern marketing teams use social media to boost their brand with the most used media platforms being LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. And guess what? Video is at the forefront when it comes to the best performing media content.
Essentially, social media is a less obtrusive way of promoting your brand or product while targeting new consumers and continuing to enModern marketinggage your pre-existing consumers.

Companies are using social media platforms in coordination with each other to build brand awareness. Social media sites can house fan pages, new product promos, and videos that allow the consumer to get a taste of who you are as a company. Believe itor not, consumers want to see your personality shine!

Now, everyone knows that social media is all the hype, but let’s talk about another way to get with the times. Email campaigns. Everyone has an email account, right? YES! In fact, “the total number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase to over 4.3 billion accounts by year-end 2016” and 57% of these email users spend anywhere from 10minutes to an hour browsing marketing emails every week (Radicati).

Email campaigns are a great way to send a short snippet video about your company. And actually, “email is 40X more successful at acquiring new clients than either Facebook and Twitter”(Aufreiter). So, email campaigns are huge when it comes to sending captivating information about your company to potential clients. These campaigns spark your readers’ interest and persuade them into visiting your website, YouTube channel, social media page, etc. and by doing so, they become potential clients or consumers.

Once you get your targeted audience to visit your website, you have to hold their attention. How? By allowing your audience to be directed to an approachable, easy-to-navigate, and exciting website! Websites can often be cluttered and overwhelming which distracts from your brand and what you’re trying to sell. Take a modern approach and re-design your website. Make the layout clean and simple. Use eye-catching graphics. Feature a video about your company. Embrace good content marketing (photos, graphics, video and articles in coordination with one another). Make sure your website is navigable on other devices (i.e. your smartphone or tablet). And lastly, use keywords!

“Look at the content on all of your pages. Good content should be over 300 words to comply with Google’s search algorithm and should have a few good keywords laced throughout the text. This will ensure Google that you’re not a spam website” (Bird).

As you can see, all of these aspects of modern marketing play a key role in the optimization of your brand and products. Show your audience that you know what you’re doing. Show them you are both an expert in what you’re selling AND in how to sell it.

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