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Narrowcasting: Audience Development

Gripping content has become crucial to marketing in the digital realm. It’s all about who has the most entertaining, emotional, humorous or creative content—right? Well, yes and no. Obviously, your content has to have the engagement factor; your audience must be wooed. However, it’s not just about compelling content creation. Audience is key. If you create a fantastic ad for the wrong audience, well, it isn’t fantastic now is it?

Targeted audience development can truly determine and shape the outcome of a campaign. This can also be called narrowcasting. Narrowcasting is communicating content, such as video, to a specific group of recipients simultaneously over a communication network (

narrowcasting examples In the world of marketing and advertising, every company hopes to reach their audience in profound ways. Every company wants to achieve greatness like that of the ever so entertaining Old Spice commercials, but in reality, most companies do not speak to that large of an audience—especially B2B companies. So how do you make your content stand out? Create content specifically designed for your audience. No matter how small or large your company, the content you create can be tailored to meet their needs. Vidyard says, “The more specific your video is, speaking to a narrow niche, the better it will perform when it comes to conversion because it won’t be burdened by unqualified views, or those who have no interest in your offering” (Pepper, 5). People outside the scope of your audience aren’t really interested in your content. But, producing content that engrosses the people who actually use your products/services or will potentially use your products/services will allow you to capitalize.

Let’s take the company Cvent into consideration. Cvent is an online software company providing event management to their clients. They are particularly successful in producing “narrowcasted” videos that engage their core audience. “Even though their videos discuss topics
that don’t necessarily appeal to the masses, they’ve found a way to keep things fun for those who matter to the company” (Pepper, 6).

So, the next time you think about producing a video, don’t think broadcast, viral video. It’s SO much easier than that. Think about what makes your audience intrigued. More than likely, your audience will share a video that interests them, thus reaching more consumers!

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