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Sales Funnel: What Types of Videos Should Your Company Produce?

When deciding what kinds of videos to showcase in relation to your brand, there are many, many, many determining factors. The Sales Funnel outlines what types of videos you should include in your content.

“Because today’s independent customer will go through over half of the buying process before ever interacting with sales, your best bet is to use video to mimic in-person interaction and guide your leads through their buying cycle as they make their way through your site (Pepper, 15).”

The first stage is interest. “Only 15% of your content needs to be high-level, top-of-funnel content (Pepper, 15).” Most of the content you provide to your viewers will focus on guiding your prospects through your site. Letting them learn, evaluate and justify why they should purchase your product—all through video!
Start with an “about us” video. This video will showcase your brand and the personality of the company. This video can range from an “explainer” video, outlining your proposition, to fun “event” videos illustrating the atmosphere of your company, to a “why” video explaining why you do what you do.

The interest stage of the funnel will provide a video that will act as a magnet towards your viewers. It will suck them in and inform them of what your company does (what you sell, what services you offer, etc.) and what you stand for. This is a video that needs desperately to spark their interest!

sales funnelThe next stage of the funnel includes the learning process. This stage will include “how-to” videos or perhaps a recorded webinar or product tour. This stage features your expertise and gives your viewers a high-level overview of the products and/or services you offer.

Lastly, you let your consumers evaluate and justify your products before they purchase. This stage includes video like client testimonials and detailed product demos. By this stage, you have already gained credibility from the viewer, so the content you choose should incorporate materials designed for those considering your products.

The Sales Funnel also recommends following up with your consumers after they purchase. Send a short thank you snippet via email. So, now you know—it’s not just video that matters, but also the video content you produce to showcase your brand!

In addition to engaging your audience and bettering your brand, Vidyard and Oracle Marketing also stated that video, “…campaign[s] experience a 120% increase in engagement, and an 85% increase in attribution to the creation of marketing qualified leads (Wilson).” So, not only do videos inform and engage your viewers, but they also boost your overall campaign significantly!

Remember to keep in mind that 1.3 billion global video viewers watch an average of 180 videos per month. That is A LOT of video watching. The video content you produce, if chosen wisely, can ignite your brand! So now you see, Video Builds Brand Authority. More info on building your brand to come!

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