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Full-Service Marketing Company

Pricing starts at

$6,ooo a month

to receive the guaranteed video production and digital marketing services included our basic package. Our marketing company will utilize a team of  8-10 skilled professionals to work on your business throughout the engagement – including discovery, branding, website development and assets such as videos, photography, retargeting ads, landing pages and more. We can either be your comprehensive end-to-end marketing team, or we can leverage specific resources within our marketing company to give you the tailored capabilities you need.

Below is a typical makeup of the video production and strategic marketing team we assemble to make it all happen.

Creative Director

Conductor of creative who ensures the team consistently cranks out genius ideas, meets deadlines and translates marketing objectives into clear creative strategies.

Camera Team

Technical artists who expertly employ the right combination
of cameras, lighting, and other fun technology to create
their magic.

Account Executive

Team manager who works with clients, providing constant communication (weekly status reports as an example) so everyone knows what to expect.


Loveable geek who ensures best SEO and conversion optimization practices are implemented, primarily utilizing PHP, JavaScript and HTML/CSS..


Liaison with clients, answering questions and keeping
projects on track.

Video Editors

Visual composer who combines strategy and story to bring everyone’s hard work to life in finished videos.


Expert at extracting knowledge from the brains of our clients’ subject matter and translating that into written content that resonates with their audiences.


Creator of print, online ad and website visuals. Photos can be shot on the run or in a studio setting to make them look more intentional.

Graphic Designers

Expert in UX (User Experience), user flows and conversion optimization, creating visual experiences that engage and direct visitors into your sales funnel.

SEO/SEM Specialist

Data junky who creates the right online search engine marketing strategies (ex. Google Ads), then monitors and reports on them to maximize success.

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