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What kind of video do you need?

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Discounts may apply to multi-video projects.
Here are the types of videos we produce:

Corporate Profile

The most popular videos we produce. An overview of your company told in a compelling manner. We recommend doing
this by having 3-4 people from your company speak while showcasing footage of your products/services and facilities.

Event Recap

These spotlight an event, so you can share the experience.
Our goal for these videos is to capture the essence and weave interviews telling about it in greater detail, showing how great your company is. SEE EXAMPLES >

Products / Services

These videos are for specific products or services that you want to feature. They help garner awareness with the intention of increasing sales. SEE EXAMPLES >

Community or
Home Video

For our real estate clients, these showcase the quality of product you build or the community you are developing.. They increase brand awareness, traffic and leads. SEE EXAMPLES >


Being in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, safety is
a massive focus. Our safety videos demonstrate proper
safety techniques to your employees in a memorable way.
We typically recommend a script, along with an announcer or on-camera talent. SEE EXAMPLES >


These always hold a special part in our hearts. We have been privileged to partner with wonderful nonprofits to tell their stories. The goal here is usually to raise funds and awareness. SEE EXAMPLES >


We approach these by seeking out the “why” of your company. We dig this out in interviews and then develop a series of recruiting videos designed to attract your ideal candidates.

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