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They’re Called Influencers For A Reason

Is your brand collaborating with influencers? Many YouTube creators and Instagram influencers already have massive and passionate audiences in the millions. Therefore, they are an already established platform for your brand to advertise on, and it’s guaranteed to stir up excitement among their dedicated followers. Read on to learn more about how influencers are truly influencing the marketing landscape and why you should take advantage of their power to boost your ROI!

Celebrity vs. Influencer

Celebrities may me more widely recognizable, but influencers have the power to in strengthening brand familiarity. If your goal is to gain an audience that will really understand you, your work, your values, or your products, then going the influencer route is more likely to lead you to success. In fact, brand collaborations with YouTube creators have proven 4X more effective at increasing brand familiarity than those with celebrities. Why is this important, though? Think about it. Often when we make purchases, it’s based on recommendations from family or friends. With influencers, their followers are much more closely bonded with them than a celebrity would be with his/her fans. They’ve built up a stronger connection, leading to trust. When a YouTuber or social media influencer recommends a product or service, their fans are more likely to trust in their opinion and, therefore, make a purchase themselves.

Dig Deeper

One of the reasons that marketing with influencers works so well is that the content goes beyond a simple product placement. Rather, a deep thematic integration with creators leads to the highest results for brands. When influencers create the content themselves, such as a demo of the product or service, it not only attracts their fanbase, but it leads to more authenticity.

Make It Relatable

Why is it that so many YouTube creators are loved by millions of people? For many reasons, it’s in the ways that they differ from the traditional celebrity. Influencers are more relatable to vast audiences. Their content can be friendly, funny, or even sometimes irreverent. These themes are fresh and exciting for viewers to see online, and it is for those reasons that they form such strong bonds with the creator. Irreverence, especially, is interesting to take note of. Some creators, especially on YouTube, are more comfortable with speaking their minds on a particular product or service, even if the feedback is harsh and blatantly negative. However, doing so actually builds up greater trust between the influencer and his or her audience. If a creator is comfortable with openly expressing dislike for something, you can be confident that, when they have rave reviews for a product or service, they mean it.

They’re Changing The Game

The power influencers and social media content creators have on the digital marketing landscape can’t be ignored. They’re changing the game, and it’s time for you to get off the bench and join in. While celebrity endorsements certainly help, they don’t quite reach the depth of connection that influencers allow to be had. Their closeness with their followers creates an undeniable bond and built up trust. This same trust is what you desire for consumers to have in your brand. Start collaborating with influencers and connect with audiences like never before.


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