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Stand Out with Video Production



If you want to stand out amongst your competitors, you need to use engaging video production. Videos are compelling, engaging, and people remember them.

The demand for video is skyrocketing. By 2020, 75% of mobile data traffic will be from video content.  Information about your brand is what customers need to be watching. Your videos drive home your message to customers. 

We’ll tell you just why video production and video marketing is growing at such a rapid pace and how you can use video to stand out:

Why make videos?

Simply stated, videos are your most effective marketing tool. Marketing your brand is one part information and one part relationship. Video conveys the stats while personally engaging with the customer through visuals and testimonials.

In a survey conducted by Animoto, 4 times as many customers said they prefer watching a video about the product than read about it. That’s a sizable amount!

The reason is two part. First, videos present facts well. Customers don’t have to scan through a lengthy article searching for a few dry stats. Instead information comes alive with visuals. Second, videos present a compelling storyline to match the facts. High-quality visuals and relatable testimonials tell a story that keeps the customer’s attention and relates to their lives.

How will videos help me?

Marketing stats and surveys weigh heavily in support of video marketing. Videos drive traffic to your website, and maximize conversion rates.

Businesses who use video see a 157% increase in traffic coming from search engines. More people are compelled by your message to check out your company and product.

Plus the demand for video by customers and companies alike is rising. Everyone is consuming video as their main information and entertainment source. Right now experts say that more videos need to be produced to keep up with the demand. From last year until 2020, mobile video is expected to increase 11-fold.

Your videos can answer that demand, catching the customer’s attention and sticking in their minds.


What makes a good video?

Quality. Quality footage and audio woven together to tell a powerful story is the secret. At Fresh Ink Marketing, we’ve found that the best performing videos use these elements to pull out the emotions and establish a person-to-person connection.

Without the investment in a good video and in establishing rapport, it can do more harm than good. In a survey, 62% of customers stated that they would most likely have a negative perception of a company if the video was bad. 23% even said that they would then be reluctant to buy from the company.

Quality videos shows that you are a professional business that cares about the details and your product. Mix this with interviews and testimonials, and you’ve got an effective marketing tool.


Which videos are right for me?

This depends on what you want to accomplish, and how established your online presence is. We’ve found that the best place to start is with a company profile; introduce yourself to customers while giving them crucial information about the product.

The key to a company profile, and videos in general, is that you interact with your customer.

A study found that interactive videos serve you well. Customer testimonials, product demonstrations, and tutorial videos were the top three most effective videos.

These all have one thing in common, interaction. Customers interact with other customers, explore the product through you, and learn something new.

Okay, I’m sold. Now what?

Come talk with us. We’ll guide you on what’s best for your needs, and walk you through the video production process. We’ll even coach you through interviews, so you’ll be as natural on film as a movie star.

Videos make your product jump off the page (or the screen) for customers. This compelling tool gives customers what they want the most, driving information and a personalized attention. And doing this well—that’s what makes you stand out.

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