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Data or Creativity? Try Both!

Are data and creativity at odds? One might think so, given the often dry and boring content that exists in which data is heavily incorporated. However, with emerging technologies, fresh thinkers, and new ways of absorbing content, the two have found harmony with one another. In fact, correctly merging the

They’re Called Influencers For A Reason

Is your brand collaborating with influencers? Many YouTube creators and Instagram influencers already have massive and passionate audiences in the millions. Therefore, they are an already established platform for your brand to advertise on, and it’s guaranteed to stir up excitement among their dedicated followers. Read on to learn more

Top 3 Tips to Win with Facebook Marketing

Top 3 Tips to Win Facebook Marketing

  Facebook is a critical frontier in the world of marketing.  According to Hubspot, 80% of US social network users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook. These connections turn thousand of followers into loyal customers.  Since 77% of B2C consumers and 43% of B2B consumers are acquired through Facebook,

Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing

Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing

  To have successful YouTube Marketing campaigns, you must stay abreast with not only YouTube’s best practices, but also with the latest YouTube trends.  In this blog, we will address how you can achieve the specific goals set for your YouTube video and the most recent site changes YouTube has

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5 Easy Ways to Market Your Video

  Do you remember five years ago when everyone was predicting video was going to be the next new frontier in marketing?  Game of Thrones had just released its first season, the Oprah Winfrey show ended after a 25 year run, and we were all Party Rockin along with LMFAO.

Free Online Marketing Group

Join Fresh Ink Marketing for a free online marketing group session covering social media tips and tricks.  We welcome all backgrounds and ages including students and graduates. Get more acquainted with marketing through social media, blogging, web design, analytics and more with this free online marketing group.  Bring your list of


Storytelling in Marketing

People love stories. They are hard-wired into us from our childhoods. They are the way that we relate memories, history, and experiences to each other. They are the best way we have of expressing complex, captivating ideas to one another while creating memorable and impactful content. Stories have been lost

Top 3 Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Thumbnails

Every day, hundreds of millions of hours of content are watched on YouTube. The question is now how to make your video stand out from the noise and convert the viewer to watch and engage with your video. We’ve created this blog post to outline three things that you can

Facebook vs. YouTube: The Video Marketing Battle

Over the past year, Facebook has become a serious contender against YouTube as a video marketing platform. In August 2014, Facebook overtook YouTube in total number of video views on desktop. It has added new video functionality features, including a Videos tab and the ability to embed Facebook videos on


Your Video Marketing Budget – How to Maximize Your ROI

Allocating money when putting together your marketing budget for the year can be tough – how do you determine what budget will cultivate the right video content mix for your viewers and increase sales? As web video is exploding –in view time, influence, reach – now where many brands are

Mobile Marketing

Mobile has changed everything from the way that we interact with one another to the way that we connect with the web.   Our devices are often the first thing that we reach for in the morning and the last things we put down at night. From texting to streaming


Micro-Moments: Marketing In the Now

Imagine that it’s a lazy Sunday evening and you are standing in your kitchen, deciding what to make for dinner. If you want to make a new recipe, what are you most likely to do? The first response of many people is to pull out a smartphone or tablet and

Matching your Content Mix to your Video Marketing Goal

Making YouTube work for you might be your company’s end goal but as a company this will take more than just creating authentic content. In fact, your goal for YouTube might currently be to increase your viewership and get your company’s name exposure through brand storytelling, but if you’re not moving viewers from

Taking your Keyword Strategy to the Next Level

By now you’ve probably heard of the almighty keyword, it certainly seems like everything internet based runs off of a keyword algorithm these days and you’d be right in thinking so. Facebook’s new trending system can track the variations of keywords you use in your posts to feed you the

Capitalizing CTA’s for Video Marketing

Well, 2015 is nearly half over and it’s looking like, in the U.S. alone, that we will have over 200 MILLION regular viewers of digital video. On top of that, 61% of young executives have said that they will continue to rely more heavily on business-related video content in the