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Today’s B2B Marketplace

Are you keeping up with the times? In an ever-changing, more digital focused landscape, business-to-business relationships are drastically evolving. With less emphasis on in-person interactions, more negotiations are being made through digital avenues. The same can certainly be said from a consumer standpoint, which is why B2B customers are more often expecting similar, catered mobile experiences. So if you’re looking to get a leg up in the B2B competition, read on! The Fresh Ink team is here to help you keep up and succeed in the B2B marketplace.

It’s All About Mobile

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – thinking with a mobile-first attitude is crucial for success in today’s marketing landscape. In fact, “Mobile drives, or influences, an average of over 40% of revenue in leading B2B organizations” (Spero). With that being said, if you’re not already catering to the nearly half of consumers who rely on mobile platforms, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for increased sales!

It’s Not About Other Businesses

In the B2B industry, it’s likely you’d assume you’re being compared to other businesses, right? Well today, it turns out that more often than not, B2B buyers are rather comparing you to other digital experiences they’ve had on the consumer side. However, they’re not just comparing you to any experiences, but their best experiences, which can leave little room for error! There is no doubt that mobile is taking over, and its expected that by 2020, 70% of B2B search queries will be made on smartphones (Spero). Your buyers are becoming more accustomed with technology and expect seamless digital experiences, so you must meet them where they’re at!

The Benefits of Mobile

Mobile is not only changing the ways in which B2B transactions occur, but it is also speeding them up! Results are improving as both revenue increases and costs decrease. Through the efficiency that mobile allows, time to purchase is getting faster and faster! Conducting such transactions on mobile also allows for better tracking, which will likely show an increasing level of engagement. These increasing levels can be seen across the board through search queries, site traffic, lead generation, and actual transactions.

In addition to faster purchases and increased results, it has also shown that B2B buyers are more likely to be loyal due to positive mobile experiences, leading to increased repurchase rates. If fact, “More than 90% of B2B buyers reporting a superior mobile experience say they are likely to buy again from the same vendor…” (Spero).

It’s Just The Beginning

We are already in the midst of a mobile-centric marketplace, but many are not prepared. Now that you can see not only the importance of going mobile, but the great benefits it can have, it’s time to take action. You’re in luck, because the Fresh Ink team has already got you covered. The next steps are learning how to actually create mobile-friendly platforms and how to track their performance. To learn more about the key to mastering mobile, read this blog post. When you’ve finished there, head on over to this post which covers the incredible importance of tracking your results. Now go on! You’ve got some work to do.


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