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Blaze Video Marketing Case Study

Blaze Equipment needed to create an online presence to compete with other brands in their industry. With no existing marketing structure in place, it was Fresh Ink’s goal to develop an integrated marketing strategy that included a new website and digital marketing through search engine management, social and video production.  

It was our video marketing strategy to highlight not only the outstanding capabilities of Magni telehandlers, but also bring edge and intrigue to the brand itself.  We created a combination of video ads, FAQ videos and 360 video technology.  This combination aimed to highlight why Magni equipment continues to set the industry standard for power, efficiency and safety.  

We first began our campaign by answering the question, “Why Magni?”  We accomplished this goal by creating a series of video tackling consumes Frequently Asked Questions.  In these videos, we strived to highlight the innovative safety features which enable these massive machines to perform the most difficult tasks with ease.

To create dynamic and entertaining advertisements, we repurposed the FAQ footage to make something brand new.  An edge and upbeat illustration of the most important safety and handling features.

Finally, we utilized 360 video technology to give viewers the a real life experience of the inside of a Magni Telescopic telehandler.  This 360 video enables the viewer the ability to virtually tour the stunning handling, lifting capacity and cutting edge safety technology inside each cab of a Magni Telehandler.

Overall, we strived to highlight new the new machines while keeping overall spending low.  We did this by developing mobile friendly responsive websites and landing pages while.  Harnessing keyword research, we launched paid search campaigns to help drive traffic.  We also utilized multiple channels to harness lead generation content on LinkedIn, YouTube and Mailchimp.

These actions along with additional marketing tactics reaped great results.  We saw a spike in online brand presence increasing ROI.  

The results in 90 days:

  • 89% increase in website traffic month over month.
  • 54 conversions via mobile, desktop and tablet; including click to call and contact form submissions.
  • 214 direct clicks from one month of email efforts.

For more information detailing our efforts, visit our case study page to learn more.