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Video Optimization for SEO: How Can Agencies Optimize and Distribute Videos?

Advertising agencies are in the know when it comes to print, billboards and even broadcast. But, what about video optimization via the web? Web is the go-to for everything—advertising, businesses (large and small), consumers, bloggers, musicians—you name it! So, how does an agency track their own objectives and target the right audience specifically related to campaigns? You have to know how to measure success, optimize and distribute videos—and success comes with proving a multifaceted campaign. Print, broadcast, email, and all things digital have to align and collaborate in order for a campaign to succeed. Here’s how:

YouTube: Video Madness
YouTube is first and foremost when it comes to posting your videos. As the second largest search engine in the world, video optimization for your content on YouTube is huge. However, the main goal for YouTube is to redirect your audience back to your website or campaign landing page. Your website or landing page will not only have the video your audience just viewed on YouTube, but it will have all other aspects of your campaign (or products/services) as video optimizationwell. The video is just the catalyst to sparking your audience’s attention. And, note that when trying to sell a product, service or campaign, your video should motivate your audience into doing so—give that campaign sex appeal!

“Because buyers now go through nearly 70% of the buying process independently before ever talking to sales, it’s important to include videos in a guided product tour on your website so that you can be as persuasive as possible and make a more human connection” (Vidyard).

When your audience views a video on YouTube, the buying process ends there. UNLESS you redirect them back to your website, via annotations or links in the description of your video. Why? Because YouTube does not sell your product or promote your campaign, your website or landing page does!
What’s more, is that if your audience is directed to your website or landing page, they are more than likely to watch your video a second time. So, don’t let that video disappear in the midst of other content—make your video front and center. “Videos embedded on your site can help increase conversion by 80%, and Google recognizes pages where a click leads to longer time spent on a page” (Vidyard). Furthermore, the more your videos are watched, the more Google picks up on this. Thus, making your video more likely to appear and more searchable on Google.

Email Campaigns: You’ve Got [VIDEO] Mail
Email campaigns are actually a huge success when it comes to click- through rates and it is one of the easiest ways to distribute video. Click-through rates are 96% higher when a video is present in your email. People are VISUAL. A video link is so much more intriguing than a website link because more than likely, your audience is curious to see what kind of content that video contains. This being said, your video cannot technically stream in the email itself. Use a large enough still image that contains your video’s splash screen with a play button on top. OR, use a GIF similar to this Switch Video. This will let the viewer know that you want them to watch this! Since the video should explain the campaign itself, there is no need for an excess amount of text. It will distract your viewer and they won’t want to continue on.

Another way to include video via email is through your email signature. Include a saying or phrase like “watch this” with a hyperlink to a video on your landing page or website. This is obviously less obtrusive, but may or may not be as effective as the above.

Fresh Ink is starting to offer email campaigns to clients, based on the relative needs of that client. So be on the look out! Through analytics, you will have the ability to see the metrics and response activity of the views of the video and interactions of the landing email for lead engagement. This can help a very helpful lead engagement tool when tracking the analytics and performance of your campaign. Stay tuned for more specifics on measuring the success of your campaign by tracking analytics!

Social Media: Your Long Lost Friend
Distributing video through social networking is imperative. Our world is all about who has liked what, tweeted this, pinned that, and the list goes on. But, social media does not have to be so informal that your consumers don’t take you seriously. In fact, a well-polished and professional social networking site will enhance your brand, product or campaigns in significant ways.

Social networking sites act as an inside look to your company. Your audience is able to catch a glimpse of your company’s personality in addition to the campaign you are promoting or product you are trying to sell. Take Instagram for example. Instagram may not be able to feature a 3-minute video explaining your campaign, but it can give your audience a quick snippet or preview. This is where you come in. Add a link to your website on every social media platform your company has. Add a link to every post you make as well. See how American Express uses Instagram to promote a holiday campaign.
With all of these suggestions, you should analyze how effective each one is after a month or so—use Google analytics or BuzzSumo. This will further allow you to target your audience and focus on which distribution method is helping your campaign succeed the most.