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Why Music is Important to the Video Process?

Music is far more than background noise for your videos. We all love music but sometimes don’t recognize how it can stir our emotions, motivate us, and move us to action. Music has a critical role in creating an engaging video. Here are our reasons why you should pay special attention to the music that you select for your campaigns:

  • fim_vlog-bloggfx_05music-02Music Conveys Pace: Think about the length of your typical videos. How long do you need to successfully convey your message to your audience? If your videos tend to be quick and to-the-point, choosing an upbeat track with a fast tempo will coordinate with your video’s tone to create an engaging and fun experience for your viewers. If your videos take a bit more time and build gradually, choosing a track with a medium tempo and more emotional resonance will give your viewers a deep, powerful experience.fim_vlog-bloggfx_05music-03
  • Music is Emotional:  When we go to the movies, we expect the music to match the tone of what is on-screen. In horror movies, we’re primed for suspenseful, scary music. In romantic comedies, we expect happy, light songs. Think of how strange it would be if those two were reversed. Not only would the films lose a lot of their impact, they’d seem downright silly. The same concept applies to the videos that you create to market yourself. The mood and context that you are trying to convey in your videos are important and the music should match them. It’s always a good idea to make an effort to pick a song or score that will boost your message.
  • fim_vlog-bloggfx_05music-05Music Builds Brand Awareness: Music is an essential part of branding. Consider the ads that Apple creates. They all have a tendency to use either quirky, fun music to promote their products or dramatic, cinematic music to show them off as the powerhouse that they are. Almost without looking at the screen, people know that they’re witnessing an Apple ad simply by the music that they are hearing. Keep this in mind while selecting your music and people will begin to recognize your branding by how it looks and sounds.


Music is an essential part of creating a dynamic marketing campaign. If you’d like to learn more about how we use music here at Fresh Ink, we’d love to hear from you! We’re constantly learning and posting about the latest trends from the world of video marketing, so be sure to check out our other blogs and to subscribe to our YouTube series “The Fresh Take”!