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Why Typography is Important

Have you even been at the store and debated between two brands for the same product? You held the product, compared ingredients, and then, ultimately judged the product by the look. That, in short, shows the power of strategic typography and design as a branding tool. We’re big believers that typography can give your brand a distinct identity, expand your reach, and draw in consumers.

fim_vlog-bloggfx_01typography-01From the texts we receive to the road signs that we see while driving, typography is everywhere. We take these things for granted, but it’s important to know how they affect us and why they are important. The types of font and design that you use go a long way in conveying emotions and ideas. From the simplicity of Apple’s iconic typeface to the bold font used by Virgin, it’s clear that using specific fonts consistently will help to establish and convey your company’s personality and brand identity.


As an example, consider how you’d feel about a company that uses Comic Sans versus one that uses Sans Serif. One has a light-hearted, almost comedic tone while the other conveys power and authority. Choosing the right font for your brand’s personality will go a long way in creating a consistent, strong representation of your company to the public.

Not only does typography display your identity, but using an engaging typeface can encourage people to interact with and continue to read the content that you post. In an age with so many choices, attention spans are growing increasingly short and people are choosier about what they want to read. By choosing the right typeface for the medium you are using, you greatly increase the likelihood that your consumers will actively engage with your content. This approach helps them focus on what you write rather than the format.

fim_vlog-bloggfx_01typography-03Typography builds brand recognition and engages your consumers. Use it well and you’re certainly to see a boost in your ROI. If you’d like to learn more about building a strategy around typography, give us a call or send us an email inquiry. Be sure to check out our other blogs and to subscribe to our YouTube series “The Fresh Take” for the latest updates on the world of video marketing!