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What Content Should I Create?

What makes your content stand out? Why should someone stop to watch your video when over 400 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute? Thinking deeply about the type and quality of content that you create before launching a digital marketing campaign is crucial. With so many viewing options, it’s important to find the right type of content to target your specific audience. However, doing so is much easier said than done. But no need to worry! The Fresh Ink team is here to help give you the steps necessary to develop a successful content strategy.

What Do I Care About?

While it may seem obvious that you should have an answer to this question prior to launching a YouTube campaign, you’d be surprised to know just how many brands struggle to clearly define their objectives. To better prepare and ensure that your campaign has a structured plan, consider the following:

  • How can I build awareness? What can I do to make my video stand out, ensuring that audiences can recall and recognize my brand after watching it?
  • What kind of influence will my video have on audiences? Is it compelling enough to lead them towards making a purchase?
  • Will my video direct traffic to my website or store? Or does the interaction stop with the video?
  • How can I use this video to grow loyalty with customers? Will it compel them to recommend my brand or product?

What Does My Audience Care About?

While your brand or product will certainly impact the content of your video, the audience should be in the driver’s seat. If you’re wanting to increase ROI, you need to cater to the needs of your audience. Generally, there are three varying reasons why consumers look to online video content:

  • Information

    • These videos can discuss current events and happenings, teach self-improvement, or provide various step-by-step tutorials to feed audiences the information that they need. 
  • Connection

    • Some viewers look for content that will serve to bring about community with others. These videos are often made to be shared and to garner reactions.
  • Entertainment

    • This is the content that will incite a reaction out of your audience, whether it be laughter, inspiration, relaxation, or nostalgia.  

What Type of Content Will Serve Their Needs?

After having evaluated both what you and your audience care about, you next need to consider how it is that you can serve these needs. Think through the different options and resources that you have and create the best content geared towards your audience’s desires and your company’s goals.

  • One-offs

    • These videos are short and quick to the point. Get your message across and leave a lasting impression without losing your audience’s attention.
  • Long Form

    • If you feel this format is necessary, take the time you want to fully tell the story of your brand. However, the Fresh Ink team would always recommend keeping video lengths down. With an ever growing audience of mobile-users with lower attention spans, you need to cut down your content to ensure it is being viewed. However, with an established and dedicated audience, long form videos can have potential.
  • Series

    • Creating a successful video series can be great for a brand’s channel. If you’re looking to keep consumers coming back for more and your content suits this format, this would be a beneficial strategy for your brand.
  • Always-on Channel

    • No matter the format, make sure to always be circulating content. Don’t let your consistency fall behind, especially with the overwhelming amount of competition. Make sure to establish a consistent and content-heavy presence on your channel to encourage viewers to stick around and subscribe.

What’s Next?

With a content strategy in place and a campaign ready to launch, make sure to always measure your results. While it may seem like you’re ticking all of the boxes and taking the steps necessary to achieve success, you never truly know how a digital marketing campaign will pan out. After having put out enough content, it is key to review your video analytics to see just how audiences are interacting with your content. If you’re looking to maximize ROI, head on over to our blog post on Measuring Metrics to take the next steps.

We love sharing our marketing tips and tricks and we’d also love your feedback. Take a second and leave us a comment! Was this article helpful? What do you want to read about next? Let us know!!