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Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing

Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing


To have successful YouTube Marketing campaigns, you must stay abreast with not only YouTube’s best practices, but also with the latest YouTube trends.  In this blog, we will address how you can achieve the specific goals set for your YouTube video and the most recent site changes YouTube has implemented.

#1 Get More Website Traffic

If you are looking to obtain more traffic to your website, it is critical to have assets in place to assist with viewer conversion.  Assets such as descriptions, interactive cards, end screens and embed links should be included in not only your video, but your YouTube channel.  Below, we have itemized where you can find these assets and why they are important to utilize.


When you land on the watch page, if setup correctly, a viewer can click through directly to the landing page and website of your choice. So when writing your description, give a reason to click through and a specific call-to-action with a link before the ‘show more’ button.  

Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing


However, be certain to include more detail about your brand in case viewers to click the ‘show more’ option.  The full description should serve as a mini-biography for your companies services.

Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing

Interactive cards

Interactive cards enables your viewers to connect with your website or landing page directly from the video content itself.   When the small “i” icon in the upper righthand corner is selected, a featured image and a link to the website slides out from the right side of the screen.

Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing    Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing


End Screens

After your video has ended, end screen also known as end cards provide viewers with the opportunity to watch additional branded videos or click through to your website to learn more.  

Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing


Lastly, embeds are videos embedded directly on your company’s website or landing page.  These enable any potential consumers to view your branded video content directly from your website.  This is important to note because having a video embedded on your website can increase conversions up to 80%.

Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing

#2 Get More Video Views

Getting more views should be the goal of any solid YouTube marketer.  To get more views, follow these simple steps:

  1. Optimize your video while it’s marked private/unlisted

    This enables you to position your video for prime searchability in advance of posting publicly.

  2. Advertise your video in concentrated measures while the video is still private/unlisted

    Include your video in your email signature, email blasts and social media posts.  This enables you to market to your current channels and assess your videos impact on a smaller scale.  

  3. Change your video to public

    When your video goes public, all your channel subscribers will be notified.  This is where you can now get outside your sphere of influence and obtain new recognition and connections.  Be certain to heavily advertise your video on all channels and embed your video on your website and landing pages.


#3 Make your Video’s Mobile Friendly

When advertising your video, be certain that they can be viewed with ease from a mobile device.  Since 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video, be certain to enable your consumers the ability to convert easily from a cell phone or tablet. Since desktop computers display videos differently than mobile technology, it’s important to understand these technological differences and adapt.
Below are examples of the differences.  The first, is an example of an Annotation.  The second is an example of an End Card. 

Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing


Top 3 Tips to Win with YouTube Marketing


Since YouTube recognized this trend, on May 2nd of this year, YouTube discontinued the use of Annotations at the end of videos in favor of End Cards.  Annotations, sometimes referred to as ‘overlays,’ are not mobile friendly as they do not allow mobile viewers the ability to click through to a website or landing page.  End Cards, also referenced as End Screens, however are mobile friendly.  

For more information on how to create top notch end screens, read our blog entailed ‘How to Create YouTube End Screens.”

Here at Fresh Ink, we follow this philosophy for creating successful, viable YouTube marketing campaigns.  This philosophy has obtains excellent results for our clients brands  To read more about on our client’s video marketing success stories, click here!