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YouTube Science

At Fresh Ink, we like to stay ahead of the curve of video marketing with YouTube science. We are constantly researching the latest industry trends to find new, innovative ways to market video content. An integral part of our strategy is YouTube science and optimization.

You may already know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine online, coming in only behind Google. So, if you are putting your videos on YouTube and would like them to get more views, you can use this to your advantage by optimizing your videos to be found by people searching for them.

Taking advantage of YouTube’s intense search algorithm and the viewers search intent does take a lot research, time, and testing, but the results are worth it. Here are a few easy tips to help you get started with making this video marketing science work for you.

MarketingScience-Blog01 1.) Optimize Your Titles: You should use keywords that are being searched on YouTube in your title. Choose the words that describe the video to a potential viewer. A helpful way to know what words viewers are searching for is to begin typing in the search bar and see what options auto-populate. This will clue you into what is being searched for most frequently and will help you to have a title that gets you more views.

MarketingScience-Blog022.) Create Detailed Description: Use a description that accurately describes your video, and use plenty of keywords when possible. Keep in mind that anything below the “show more” button is typically never seen, but having a keyword-rich description will help YouTube connect your video to search inquiries. It’s also a good idea to post any URL links as the very first thing in your description, as it may not be seen otherwise.

MarketingScience-Blog033.) Take Advantage of Meta Tags: You should use 10 – 15 tags for each video that you create, emphasizing tags that describe you video well and are frequently searched on YouTube. Proper tagging includes doing some keyword research upfront, but that work is well worth it. When you find 10 – 15 keywords that apply to your video, apply them and watch your views grow through search intent.

These are just a handful of ways that can help you to grow your presence on YouTube. If you’d like to learn more about how our tactical approach to YouTube can help you to grow your reach and leads, give us a call or send us an email inquiry. Be sure to check out our other blogs and to subscribe to our YouTube series “The Fresh Take” for the latest updates on the world of video marketing!