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YouTube’s Takeover

YouTube is a TV entertainment experience that you can take anywhere, whether in your pocket or cast onto the big screen. When it comes to this entertainment, today’s consumers expect convenience, flexibility, and a personally tailored experience. Traditional TV and its limitations are allowing YouTube to rapidly excel in popularity. For marketers, this makes for a growing platform with the capability of reaching a specific, wide audience. YouTube has gained an immense amount of popularity, especially within the last year, as its content is highly accessible, ever-growing, and geared towards the viewer’s interests. Regular TV cable broadcasts any type of advertisement or commercial, whereas YouTube works to showcase specific ads to a specific audience, tailoring the experience based on their interests and watch history.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is arguably one of the simplest and most effective ways to broadcast your ads to a targeted audience. With the introduction of TrueView ads, this has been made possible. TrueView ads are ads in which the viewer can skip only after having watched the first 5 seconds. With that being said, you are given an exciting and challenging opportunity. While your ad may be 30 seconds, to even a couple minutes long, you only have those first 5 seconds to truly capture the attention of your consumer. While daunting it may seem, it certainly is possible. Statistics have shown that these ads increased consumer engagement with particular brands and companies by up to 500 percent more than other content. You can pick from available audience categories, choose demographic groups, topics, keywords and even placements that would target channels, websites, and videos. This brings your content straight to the people who want it. It all has to do with the type of content a viewer watches. For example, if a video about bedroom design was being watched, it is likely that the ad could be on a bedroom furniture store. It is all about creating a tailored marketing experience, and it is that which makes a YouTube marketing campaign so successful.

YouTube Analytics

Measurement is key benefit of YouTube advertising, as it will allow you to know exactly how many views your content receives, as well as insights into who your “competition” in a certain category or topic may be. Other tools within YouTube analytics are extremely helpful as well, such as audience retention. This metric shows how long people are watching a particular video, which helps in making your videos more captivating and succinct moving forward. You can also monitor your engagement levels such as the likes and dislikes, comments, number of shares, and more. Better understanding your audience and their viewing behaviors will drastically help in improving your content. Ultimately, YouTube analytics help you to make more sales, create greater brand awareness, and give the customer a better consumer experience.

Taking Advantage of YouTube’s Rise

With over 5 billion YouTube videos watched daily, why not take a shot at reaching a massive audience likely to watch more of your content? YouTube reaches more consumers in the 18-34 and 18-49 age range than any cable network in the U.S. If you want your brand to get maximum reach, using these strategies are sure to make a large difference in your YouTube businesses.


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