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Help Your Audience Take Action

For those of us in the digital media marketing world, a YouTube video is much more than a mere piece of entertainment. Rather, each video we create and promote has a greater purpose – to create conversion. We don’t want audiences to passively absorb our content, but rather, the goal is for them to take action. Read on to learn more about the importance of inciting action amongst your consumers through YouTube in order to increase ROI!

Reach Out

Not just anyone will want to engage with your content. Rather, more and more consumers want a tailored marketing experience in which they feel more personal attention is given. A good place to start in providing this attention is with a conversation. Are your YouTube videos starting to receive comments? Perhaps the same people keep reaching out or liking your content? Let them know you’ve taken notice and communicate with them in the comment section. Ask them questions, get feedback, and let them know they’re appreciated. Doing so can go a long way and will lead you towards building customer relationships.

Build Relationships

Turn your casual viewers into loyal customers and through building relationships. Beyond conversations, the best way to build relationships is through consistent connection. Getting viewers to subscribe will lead to more frequent exposure to your content, further connecting your viewers with your brand. When posting content to YouTube, always be sure to encourage subscriptions. Your potential customers want to feel wanted, so invite them to come along for the journey and make it known that their opinion matters to you.

Aside from a verbal or visual call-to-action within the video itself, utilize YouTube’s end card feature and include a button for viewers to subscribe. You should also include links in your description as another way for viewers to subscribe. The more options and encouragement you provide, the more likely you’ll build up your subscriber count, ultimately leading to a larger, more connected consumer base.  

Make It Easy

Once you’ve gained a substantial amount of subscribers, it’s time to achieve your campaign’s goals. With an audience, you can now push and promote the content your focussed on. Perhaps your selling a particular product or service? Or maybe you’re hoping to encourage phone calls? Whatever the goal, share it with your audience! Once your channel is a part of the YouTube Partner Program, utilize information cards to link to external websites, such as a landing page with your products. Include trackable links in your description box as another route for consumers to take that will also allow you to track and review link clicks. Add links to your end card as well, as a final opportunity for viewers to take action. Overall, just make it easy on them! People don’t want their time to be wasted. If they have to search to find the content, conversions will never take place. Rather, if you’re handing it right to them, they’re more inclined to take part in what it is you have to offer.

At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a simple and positive consumer experience. If you want your videos to go beyond pure entertainment, push your viewers to take action. In order for your audience to be active, you have to be active throughout their consumer journey. Draw them in, keep them around, and hand them the information they need to carry out a conversion. Give it a shot and see how taking these steps can lead to increased ROI for your next digital marketing campaign!