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Are You Winning the YouTube Game?


If your business is not utilizing YouTube video production to promote your brand, you are doing marketing all wrong.

Being a video production business you might think us a little biased, however we have pretty big industry players who agree with us.  Google crunched the numbers and the Wall Street Journal vetted the facts, and not to toot our own horns, but Google and the Journal are in our corner.  Here’s the facts.  Prepare for a mic drop…

One Billion Hours Watched Every Day 

According to Google, YouTube has become the bastion of knowledge and entertainment, raking in more than 1 billion hours of videos watched every day, worldwide.   To keep you continuously bingeing, YouTube has crafted super smart algorithms specifically intended to personalize content to each viewer’s search preferences.  With over 400 hours of video content uploaded each minute, these algorithms help website goers search through a sea of content, cueing video lineups to extend the amount of consecutive time spent viewing.      

YouTube is Extremely Accessible 

Not only does YouTube have the largest pool of consumable content in the market, but is also top dog in content accessibility.  According to StatCounter, Google is sweet on YouTube.  Since Google is the most widely used search engine on the internet, handling 93% of all internet searches, its biased to producing YouTube video as its top search results. Not to mention, YouTube comes pre-installed on almost all Android software.  Since Android Software runs 88% of all smartphones, YouTube is immediately accessible upon purchase of most mobile technology.  This raw accessibility to both markets and consumers is undeniably unprecedented.

So What Does this Mean for You and Your Brand?  

It means you have the chance to expose your brand to thousands of potential consumers searching for products and services just like yours.    Here at Fresh Ink, we are experts at creating visually stimulating and highly memorable videos, catapulting your brand into first place position on podium of credibility and innovation.  We have digital teams who specialize in optimizing your video content ensuring your brand is front and center.  

You are already an expert in your industry.  We are experts in video content and optimization.  

Imagine what we could do together.

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